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How to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error on iPhone/iPad

iMessage is the cloud-based instant messaging service. It was launched in 2011. In the initial times, even iPhone users don’t know about the iMessage service. With the passage of time, iOS users come to know about what iMessage is capable of. Many of us know that Apple offers one of the strongest encryptions in the world. That’s the reason why iMessage is successful because it is extremely secured. Even there is a major drawback in iMessage that it is only allowed from iPhone to iPhone or other iOS devices. Inspite of this fact people love to use iMessage. Even such awesome development can’t escape from the errors and issues.

Recently many iMessage users have reported about the iMessage Waiting for Activation Error. This error is major because if you can’t activate the iMessage you can’t even use it. This issue is a pure software bug. So, anyone can solve the iMessage Waiting for Activation Error at home. We are here with some remedies. Apply these solutions on your device and you will be able to use iMessage without any error.

Troubleshooting iMessage:

These remedies are not our personal opinions. Many technology experts and software enthusiasts recommend these remedies in most of the software related problems. Here are the solutions to try these remedies one by one. Hopefully, you iMessage will be ready to use without error after these.

 iMessage Waiting for Activation Error

#Solution 1: Check your internet connection:

The Internet connection can be the reason for the error in any internet demanding platform. Maybe there is the same reason behind the iMessage Waiting for Activation Error.

First of all, use other random apps that run on the internet just for a check. If they are also unable to perform the function it means an internet connection is the real root of mess. Restart your WiFi router or contact your ISP. If all other apps are working fine and there is no problem with the internet then it means the issue is with iMessage. Move towards the next solution.

#Solution 2: Reset Network Setting:

It is the second most recommended solution in any software or app issue. Many users customize their phone settings to use their iPhone effortlessly and smoothly. Maybe customized settings do not support the iMessage to work.

So you have reset the Network Settings to stock settings. So that iMessage can work on its stock environment.

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the General option usually present at the top.
  3. Now select the Reset option, it will give you different options.
  4. Tap on Reset Network Settings.

Now again check the iMessage, your issue will be fixed. If the issue is still there you need to try some potential solutions below.

#Solution 3: Turn Off/on iMessage and Soft Reset Device:

Try to turn off iMessage and ON it again. That’s very simple and easy. Open setting on your iPhone than navigate to the Message section.

  • Tap on the slide button present with iMessage to turn it off.
  • After turning iMessage off. Press and hold the power button.
  • Tap on the restart option. Now, wait for 20 to 30 seconds.

Once the iPhone home screen appears again. Go to the Settings > Message. Turn on iMessage again and use the service. Most of the chances are that the iMessage will work this time without error. If the bone is still in the throat keep following the guides.

#Solution 4: Check out Phone Carrier’s settings update:

Apple continuously launches the updates of its OS. Check out the update section of your iOS device. Maybe some sort of update is pending and delay is the cause of iMessage Waiting for Activation Error.

  • First of switch to WiFi if you are using mobile data.
  • Open the Settings app and then tap on General.
  • Tap on About option. Maybe it will show an Update Pop-up on the screen when it available. Check out the Version of Carrier Settings. Tap on update.

If your carrier settings are already updated to the latest version. Then move back to the home Settings page.

#Solution 5: Update your iDevice:

The final thing which you can check is to check that either any iOS update is pending or not. Because the iOS update brings the major and minor changes to iOS. Maybe the new update will be able to fix the iMessage issue.

Check the update from the Settings app on your iPhone. Open the Settings app then tap on the General option. Check is there any notification of iOS update or not. If not then you are already upgraded to the iOS latest version.


If all the solutions are failed to fix the iMessage Waiting for Activation Error than contact the Apple Customer Support. Or, contact the nearest Apple Store where iOS experts will help you free of cost. They will surely let you escape out from this issue. No matter what the matter is Apple Support either online or offline will fix it for you.