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How To Fix iPhone Settings Switch Greyed Out

When Wi-Fi is grayed on an iPhone, it is most likely due to a problem that occurred during the iOS update, the operating system that runs on the iPhone. Fortunately, it is not a super common situation. Some users have Wi-Fi problems after the update, while most don’t, so this is an unpredictable situation. However, if this is happening to you, you will be happy to know that there are some things you can try to repair your grayed-out Wi-Fi.

You first make sure that airplane mode is disabled. This may seem silly, but before doing anything else, make sure that Airplane Mode is not activated. This feature disables Wi-Fi because it is designed to allow you to use the phone on an airplane, where often outgoing wireless communications are not allowed.

The easiest way to see if Airplane Mode is enabled is to open the Control Center by scrolling up from the bottom of the screen (or down from the top right to iPhone X and later). If the airplane icon is active, tap on it to deactivate airplane mode and the problem should be solved. If it is not active, something else is happening and should proceed.

How To Fix iPhone Settings Switch Greyed Out

Fix iPhone Settings Switch Greyed Out

iOS has a fairly simple interface and its settings app is no exception. Most controls are where you would expect, under the right-side label and with predictable options. Changing anything is easy and if you can’t find a particular setting, there is a search bar that can help you. However, if your iPhone’s settings switch is dimmed, this is a problem. They don’t tell you exactly why they suddenly became inactive, but the answer is Restrictions.

Fix iPhone Settings Switch Greyed Out

Open the Settings app.

Go to Screen Time.

Go to Content and privacy restrictions. The following screen shows a long list of settings that can be managed.

Look through and check which ones have been set to “Don’t allow”.

Tap the setting set to “Don’t Allow” and change it to “Allow”.


Here you can correct any setting in the iPhone setup app that is disabled. These restrictions are typically parental controls that allow you to control the content available on an iPhone. If you can’t use certain apps on your iPhone, it may also have to do with restrictions. Allow users to restrict certain stock apps.

The restrictions had their own settings in general, however, with the introduction of time on the screen, this particular setting has moved below it. It tends to give the impression that it is more to limit the time you spend on your device, but it still works as before. It remains a means to limit the content. It can be useful to reduce screen time to some extent, but it mainly limits the content based on the type and doesn’t really make you want to use the phone less.

The restrictions not only render the setting inactive but also affect other areas of iOS. For example, if mobile data is set to “Don’t Allow”, it will block which apps have access to mobile data but will also activate mobile data switching in the Control Center. Basically, it will only serve as an indicator if mobile data is enabled or not. The only setting that will work is the mobile data switch in the main settings app.

These settings do not require you to enter the passcode to change them so that anyone with access to the unlocked phone can enable them. They can be used to add an extra level of privacy/protection because, when enabled, it will prevent applications from accessing location data, photos, contacts, etc.


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