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How To Fix Move to iOS could not communicate with the device

Owning an iPhone is classy. People who own an iOS device, no other smartphone owners have the guts to compete with them. That’s what I considered about iPhones when I decided to buy iPhone Pro Max. And you know what? I was not wrong. I was fascinated by the things that made me never leave my phone’s sight.

But after I shifted from my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I had a tiny problem of transferring data from Android to iOS. For that, I just googled my query and found there’s an app to get this job done. But then again, I was facing trouble while using the Move to iOS app. It kept saying “could not communicate with the device”.

Fix Move to iOS could not communicate with the device

I knew it was time to run some errands on my own. So I decided to turn my iPhone’s settings upside down. After some hard struggle and by repeating the similar process again-n-again, I finally found a way to overcome this particular issue. So here, I will help you with How To Fix Move To iOS could not communicate with the device. Don’t worry, I will try to make things as simple as possible. Just be patient and try to perform all the steps that I have drafted for you.

How To Fix Move to iOS could not communicate with the device

To be honest, moving from Android to Android is not a big problem. So when you shift from Android to iPhone, you might think of it as a huge mistake. But not when you know how to perfectly use Move To iOS. Yes, if you know the perfect way to get the job done, you might not fall into the wrong trap.

How To Use Move To iOS

You must consider the possibility that you’re getting an error just because you don’t know how to use the app. Also, just because you took some wrong instructions, it is not the developer’s problem. So just make that you read the instructions properly before using the app.

Fix Move to iOS could not communicate with the device

Maybe there are some apps that are causing your device to respond laggy. So putting your Android device on Flight mode is not gonna bring you any harm. But enabling such a mode, restart your phone for a better experience with the Move to iOS app.

Moreover, after installing the app on your old Android phone, try to restart it. Because you never know if you are facing this problem just because your phone is not responding to the right algorithms. Still, if you are seeing Move to iOS could not communicate with the device error, just follow the steps presented below.

Fixing Move to iOS could not communicate with the device

Before leading you towards this guide, we want you to check on some precautionary things. For instance, both of your phone’s battery is at least 80%. If that’s not the case, connect them with the charger even while transferring data from Android to iPhone.

  1. First of all, consider reinstalling the Move to iOS app on Android.
  2. Now forget all the currently connected WiFi networks.
  3. When done, take your iPhone close to your Android device.
  4. Open Move to iOS on Android. Now on your iPhone, go to Apps & Data and select Move Data From Android.
  5. A passcode will be presented to your iPhone’s screen and a Wifi hotspot will be activated.
  6. Now inside WiFi settings, connect with the iOS WiFi hotspot which is created by your iPhone (it will show as iOS****). You just need to remember the password to the hotspot will be the same as the network’s name.
  7. After a successful connection, you will again get a code on your iPhone.
  8. Just enter that specific code inside the app on Android and start using Move to iOS services.

Still, Getting Nowhere?

If the above-provided method doesn’t help you solve the issue, there are several things you can do by yourself. I mean if the app’s not working well for you, what’s the point of sticking up with it. You can perform some operations on your own without using this app’s services. Some of which are listed below:

Using iTunes: You may have clicked photos from your smartphone. So if you want to shift your camera photos from Android to iOS, you can just use iTunes to get the job done.

Accessing Google Services: There’s a huge chance you have backed-up all your videos and other media files on Google Photos. Also, all your contacts are synced with your Gmail account. So if that’s the case, you just need to add your Gmail account inside the newly bought iPhone. Afterward, the things that were exported from your Android phone, they get imported on your iPhone.

That’s for now, thanks for visiting ATechGuides.