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How to Fix Issues with Samsung Smart TV Apps/Smart Hub

Many users of Samsung Smart TVs at some point have presented problems with their Wi-Fi connections after a system update on the TV and when these problems arise they are a real headache.

It is important to know that Samsung televisions of 40 inches and above have a warranty for 2 years by the manufacturer, if your TV still has a warranty it is better to call the Samsung service, the replacement of the WIFI card does not take more than 10 minutes at the Samsung technical support site in case the module needs to be replaced; In some countries Samsung provides ease of home TV repair through authorized centers.

All those who enter this article in search of a solution to the problem with the WIFI connection of their Samsung TV should know that there are many possible solutions to make the correction of the problem at home.


Lets Review Some of the Best Method available to Fix Samsung Smart TV Apps/Smart Hub Related Issues:

How to Fix Issues with Samsung Smart TV Apps/Smart Hub

Solution Method 1 – Enter the hidden menu, verify and configure the WIFI REGION

It is important to take the necessary precautions before entering the hidden menu, you can see all the details in this article that we wrote in order to illustrate the possible effects by accidentally changing other options that we have not described in this article The hidden menu of the Samsung SmartTV You can leave the motherboard without working, be very careful!

These are very important data that you should know before continuing

It is a configuration in the service menu or hidden menu of the Samsung TV which is used to assign different settings according to the country region in which the TV was sold or distributed, it is possible that an update of the operating system firmware causes some kind of conflict with the assigned WIFI REGION, that is why many users have been able to change the parameter in the WIFI REGION after presenting problems with their connection to the wireless network.


This value indicates the number of connection attempts made by the WIFI module of the Smart TV to a wireless network.

Hidden or service menu:

It is a configuration menu that allows you to make some advanced settings to different peripherals of the Smart TV device which can only be accessed through a coordinated combination of commands in the control of the TV.
Modifying the WIFI REGION is a very practical and effective solution in many cases where the WIFI module of the TV fails to detect the wireless signals after an update in the Smart TV operating system.
To make this configuration it is necessary to enter the hidden TV menu and thus determine 2 values, the WIFI REGION and the WIFIER COUNT.

STEP 1 – Enter the hidden menu or service menu.

Turn off the TV and with the remote control directed to the TV press the following sequence of keys
MUTE, 1, 8, 2 and then the ON button (turn on)

Enter the hidden menu or service menu.

STEP 2 – Verifying the value of the WIFIER COUNT.

The TV will turn on and in a few seconds a blue hidden menu will be displayed, you must select the SVC option, then 3 columns with values will appear, here we will verify the value of the parameter with the name WIFIER COUNT, the correct value is 0, this value indicates the number of times that the Wi-Fi card of the TV has tried to connect to a wireless network, if the value is greater than 0, it is advisable if the TV still has warranty is to call Samsung since the card has a hardware problem and not configuration, if the WIFIER COUNT is at 0 you can proceed to change the WIFI REGION.

STEP 3 – Changing the WIFI REGION.

In the hidden menu of the TV enter the value CONTROL, and then select SUB OPTIONS, open another menu and select WIFI REGION and place the value in A, sometimes it is placed in F, turn off the TV and turn it on normally and verify the wireless connection.

Solution Method 2 – For Failure of integrated Smart TV wifi:

If before your computer detected not only your network but others around and now does not detect “none”, you “reboot” it (No Reset) and continue the same it is almost certain that the internal wifi adapter is broken.

Maybe you have read about applying a factory reset to the smart tv to solve the problem (after this paragraph I explain how). It is an “almost” safe solution but I do not recommend doing it. If the TV is under warranty, it is better to call or take it to the technical service.

Here we start with the possible solutions that you can do as a user.
Solution 1:

If when presenting these problems or when appearing as connected to the local network but can not connect to the internet (on your samsung smart tv or LG), you will have to go to the IP settings of your TV and configure the DNS option manually.



Solution 1:

You will see four boxes, you set them to these values: “”. In some TV models you are asked for a second dns, if it were your case: you put it in “”.
Accept and Guard and wait for it to connect now. If you want to rename your smarttv (turn off and on again).

Solution 2:

I have personally manipulated two SAMSUNG brand Smart TVs: the UN40es6800 and the UN40EH5300F and these are the steps to apply the famous factory reset :

Solution 2

1. Turn off the tv.
2. When it is off. Press the following buttons one by one:
3. Mute, 1, 8, 2 and finally the power button.
4. The screen will light and a Hidden Menu will appear.
5. Enter OPTIONS with the ENTER (enter) button.
6. Then select FACTORY RESET.
7. Patience and wait, then the TV will restart.

If before you only detected the name of your wireless network and now NO or at times appears and is lost. Maybe the problem is in the emission of wifi by the modem / router.

Solution Method 3 – Low wifi reception of Smart TVs:

This is something that you should understand and accept, not because you have the most expensive smart tv means that this is the best in terms of Wi-Fi signal reception.

The truth is that the wifi reception of a smart tv is regular, so we must configure the router correctly so that it can link over wifi without any problem.

Alternative solution: Improve router wifi signal

What I will mention next is “very valuable” if we want to solve problems of connection lossescoverage (distance), slowness or interruptions in the connection between SMART TV ↔ ROUTER ↔ and INTERNET access.

We will do this by entering the configuration of our router if you have no idea how to do it you can support yourself by calling the technical service of your Internet provider or looking for guides on the Internet about “how to configure my router … AB”, where AB should Be the manufacturer and model of your wifi router.

And these are the options that we will have to configure, remember that this is done in the router settings panel:

  • Change the wifi coverage channel.
  • Configure the Wifi transmission mode: 54Mbps, 150 Mbps or 300 Mbps
  • Alternative wifi mode: b / g / n
  • Configure the bandwidth wifi: 20M or 40M / 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz.
  • Change the password to the WEP type, WPA to make checks. In the case of WPA try with three options: WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA2-PSK (AES) or the combination of both WPA-PSK (TKIP) + WPA2-PSK (AES).

Solution Method 4 – Samsung Smart TV ERROR MODEL BIND:

To see it can be the problem of the servers, but that is usually temporary not to be weeks or months bad. The best thing is that you follow these options to repair it because doing this one solves it (if not because it has been temporarily thrown away by Samsung).

Can you try each of the steps below to see if any of them order it and tell us how it works?

1. Reset Smart Hub.

2. Update your TV’s firmware (Menu> Support> Software Update). If it does not work, select the option to Restore to a previous version where the TV version zone.
3. Reset your Samsung TV, it’s simple and it’s usually (depends on the model) in Menu> Support> Auto diagnostics> Reset
4. It seems silly but it is advisable to try to restart the internet router. There are times when the ISPs themselves temporarily hunt it down and just turn it off (but remove the power cable, waiting for a few seconds and reconnecting). Let’s see if that works for you.
5. Change the DNS servers of your TV’s internet, that would be by entering here:
  • Menu
  • Net
  • Network configurations
  • IP configurations
  • DNS settings

Here you must put the DNS manually by putting one of these two addresses:


Click on “Save” and try to enter Smart TV. It’s interesting to try this because it may be that nonsense. To understand it, those two addresses that I have put are those of official Google and resolve better the names of the pages and Internet servers better than the own ISP that you have (you will almost certainly have those of or , change them by the ones I told you before and comment.

6.  Do you have the TV connected via WiFi or cable ..? It would be interesting also that you try to change it, if you are with Wi-Fi connect with cable (if you can).
If all that does not solve it should be temporarily from the Samsung server that gives many errors at times. Personally, I’m not convinced by your internet system. Almost that it is better to connect your mobile phone to the TV remotely and manage everything from the mobile, or catch a Chromecast or similar.
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