“Flex”might be the name of the next new speaker rental service by Sonos

Sonos – the Californian sound organization known for it’s connected hello there fi frameworks – has quite recently propelled a membership administration considered Flex that empowers clients to lease its speakers.

Right now, just 500 homes in the Netherlands have the chance to pursue Flex. However if the preliminary go well, it’s imaginable we’ll see Sonos start revealing the administration universally.


Three decisions

As of now, the administration comes in three levels, each offering a different setup of speakers.

For €15 every month you can lease two Sonos One shrewd speaker to combine them for stereo use, yet for an extra €10 over that you can include a Sonos Beam soundbar planned for furnishing fantastic TV sound with included connectivity choices.

For an aggregate of €50 every month, nonetheless, you can move up to a Sonos Playbar, Subwoofer, and a couple of Sonos One speakers. This could either make for a noteworthy home film exhibitor can be spread around the house for a connected sound arrangement.

Memberships can be dropped whenever and, during the membership time frame, units will be supplanted with more up to date models as they’re discharged.

Hardware subscription services

This won’t be the principal sound equipment membership administration we’ve seen, with the Melbourne-based organization Nura offering its leader Nuraphone headphones for a month to month charge prior in the year.

Like NuraNow, Sonos Flex is planned for offering a top-notch sound involvement without the requirement for clients to submit colossal entireties of cash through and through.

The structure of both previously mentioned administrations functions admirably for clients looking to consistently have the most recent cycle of the item, as they won’t need to over and over put the maximum in the freshest form of the equipment as it gets discharged.

So, these administrations probably won’t bode well for those hoping to use their speaker or headphones in the long haul as they won’t possess the unit, even after they’ve paid what could be compared to retail cost throughout their membership.

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Another move Sonos has made to make its line of speakers progressively open was its association with Swedish furniture brand Ikea. The Symfonisk line of speakers is the most reasonable that Sonos offers, and come coordinated with things, for example, bookshelves and lights.

If the preliminary demonstrates effective, we’ll be hearing progressively about global accessibility of Flex sooner rather than later, yet up to that point, you’ll need to horse up the full costs if you need the Sonos experience.