Galaxy S10 Snapdragon Vs Exynos Battery Life Comparison

It seems that the Galaxy S10 might have found itself out of the news cycle and for that thanks to the debacle that is the Galaxy Fold, currently, the Samsung flagship is still arguably the best handset available on the market right now.

Similar to the previous Samsung flagships, the Galaxy S10 has one of two different CPUs and it depends on where you buy it, so which is best?

The folks over at YouTube channel PhoneBuff have already conducted one test to see whether the Exynos CPU that is in the international Galaxy S10 is better than the Qualcomm chip in the North American model. You can also have a look at the video. But what about battery life?

In typical PhoneBuff style, both handsets were put through their paces in an attempt to simulate real-world testing. Throat included a robotic arm to carry out many tasks on both phones and it includes listening to music, and making a call, playing a game amongst other things. All of that found that the two phones are very similar in terms of performance with regard to battery life, but there was one test that was markedly different.

The testing of PhoneBuff shows, the Exynos CPU appears to be worse at power management when the device is in standby mode. It clearly means when the device is on your desk or in your pocket, you’ll see a reduction in battery life with the international Galaxy S10 then you will with the North American one.

This would suggest that the Qualcomm’s chip does a better job of going to sleep when it’s not required, and using less power when it does, which is an interesting observation. Not that you can choose which phone to buy, unfortunately.

(Source: PhoneBuff [YouTube])

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