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How To Get More Filters on Snapchat

Snapchat has become more than a simple photo-sharing app that it once was. Apart from sharing photos and videos with your family and friends. Snapchat has built an awesome visual technology that you should use to create the best pictures and share it with your followers and friends. Other than the classic filters that it provides snapchat has also included geofilters (filters that are based on your location), augmented reality, filters that are based on time and temperature called context-based filters, and filters that can take the world around you and enhance them digitally, place fun elements and animated lifeforms in your display.

If you use snapchat regularly, then you may have familiarity with its tips and tweaks. But if you are new to snapchat then for the first time it may be difficult for you to use. But if you learn and you know exactly what you are doing then you can take full advantage of the features, filters, snap map, and all the other things that the app offers.

How to Get More Filters on Snapchat

How To Get More Filters on Snapchat

Before heading towards the article don’t forget to enable your location services on your phone by going into the setting of your phone then tap on permissions and turning the toggle of location to ON.

turn on location on androidFor now, we are here to help you out to use snapchat filters and how you can more filters than those filters that you get initially.

Enable Filters

You need to enable filters first if they are not enabled already and for that, you need to follow some simple steps

1. Go to the Snapchat app, you will notice a camera view and tap on ghost button which you will see at the top left of the screenEnabling Filters 12. Tap on gear which is at the top right of the screenEnabling Filters 2enabling filters 33. Under Additional Services, tap on Manageenable filter 34. You will notice the Filter option toggle it to ON. This will allow you to access all the filters of snapshotenable filter 4Note: If you do not see this filter option then it means that filters are enabled by default.

Tip: You will notice an option Travel Mode under Filters check this option as well it has nothing to do with the filters but it will save you phone’ battery life and data usage as well. its good to check this option if you use Snapchat regularly.

Using Snapchat Filters

After enabling the snapchat option it is very important to know how you can use these filters effectively. the app itself is not providing much information about using these filters.  As some filters are permanent and there are some specifically AR filters and geofilters are not permanent and change from time to time. Swipe left and right to cycle through these filters on the image or video that you have taken.

Let’s take into account all of these

Color filters

These are the most basic filters that are always enabled in this app. There are 4 different filters that you can use to change the visual appearance of the picture.

  • The first will smooth out the skin tone
  • The second is the sepia-style filter, that will place a sun-baked look on the photo
  • The third will create a unique look by boosting the blue levels of your picture
  • Simple white and black is the fourth filter

Overlay filters

These filters will give some contextual information on your snap which is based on your activity and location. You need to first activate this and every overlay filter can also be translated to sticker for easy to use. This filter will display the time at which you took this photo and it will also display the temperature based on your location through the help of temperature filter.


Filters which are completely based on your current location. These are the special overlays that you can access in certain locations only.

Day of the Week filters

These filters are quite similar to overlay filters but these are uniquely designed and depends on your location. The design of these filters is funny and cartoonish, unlike the other plain designs.

Sponsored filters

There are some sponsored filters as well and you can these filters in your news feed regularly. To know which filter is sponsored just look for the word sponsored somewhere in the snap.

Bitmoji filters

Bitmoji filters your own avatar into the filter. These filters come with stickers that are within the app.

So here we discussed the basics of these filters now let head towards the main topic to get more filters on Snapchat.

Using Multiple Filters

1. Take a photo by clicking on the shutter button. The photo will be on the phone’s screen

2. Swipe left and right for filters.3. Hold the snap so the first filter will stay on your photo.

Note: You can add up to 3 timestamps, colored filters, geofilters, or temperature icons.

Using Emoji Filters

1. Take a photo.

2. At the right side of your phone’s screen and find an option which looks like a piece of paper with a folded corner. Tap on it

3. Now tap on smiley icon this will take you to the emoji menu

4. Select the emoji that you want to add on your snap. You will notice the selected emoji on the center of your picture

5. You can drag the emoji to the corner of the screen by dragging it.

6. You can also increase the emoji by spreading two fingers apart.

7. Continue to dragging and enlarging until the outer edge of emoji is enlarged and it’s over the snap, creating a semitransparent edge and color filter for the image.

Using Lenses

1. Switch the view of the camera by rotating the camera icon which is at the top right of the screen and to apply the lens make sure the camera is facing the right way.

2. Tap on the middle of the screen to see the lenses menu.

3. Scroll through these lenses and see a preview that hoe your picture will look on these lenses.

Note: There are some lenses which will prompt you to do some action for applying some specific lens such as raising the eyebrow or opening the mouth.

4. For photo: tap on the shutter button when the filter is active

5. For video: hold on the shutter button for about 5-10 seconds

6. You can also edit the snap by drawing, editing, editing texts, stickers, etc. and when you are done with editing tap on saving to save your snap.

7. Tap on send to send you to snap. You will notice this option at the bottom right of the screen.

Final Words

That was the short guide for you. I hope this article helps you to use snapchat more effectively. If there is anything that you think needs to be mentioned in the article feel free to suggest that in the comment section.

Till then enjoy the fastest way to share your moment as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

Source: WikiHow