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Google adds Tiles to Wear OS that will allow you to swipe for useful information

Tiles to Wear OS

From a complete redesigned UI and improved battery life to faster Google Pay and bug fixes, no matter how big or small the update is no one can deny Wear OS by Google, as it’s now called. It has come a long way since it was first introduced in 2014 under the branding of Android Wear.

Today, to improve the overall experience, the Silicon Valley-based giant has announced another big update to its wearable-focused OS.

Meet Tiles, a new way to access the things you need to know

Around 8 months ago, as you might remember, a new Wear OS design was introduced that provided users to access a variety of things by swiping. A swipe from the bottom of the screen will show you recent notifications and Quick reply suggestions, while it will show you Quick Toggles by swiping down. Similarly, a swipe over to the left side brought up the Google Assistant and a swipe over on the right sat Google Fit.

The response to this new design has been largely positive since the time of its launch, and now Google is building upon it with a cool new feature that it’s calling Tiles.

As the name suggests, Wear OS by Google will soon integrate a number of tile-like cards into its user interface that users can easily swipe through to see the information that may interest them.

You can access the tiles by simply swiping to the left and, if users aren’t happy with the default order, they can rearrange freely by long-pressing them and dragging them individually until they are in the desired order. Other than that, smartwatch owners can switch them around inside the Wear OS by Google app on their smartphone.

What Tiles will be available at launch?

A total of six individual tiles will be rollout, according to Google. The first, called Goals that work just like the current Google Fit screen through thus users can view their daily workout goals and start a physical activity through a simple tap.

Another feature that is more focused on fitness comes in the shape of the Heart rate Tile which shows users their current heart rate. However, in order to use this one, users need a smartwatch with a built-in heart rate monitor. On an alternative way, Bluetooth heart rate sensors can also be used such as straps.

Joining Heart rate will going to be the Next event and Forecast. The former does exactly what it says, while the latter allows users to prepare for the day by providing the local weather forecast.

Tiles will begin rolling out pretty soon!

google tiles

The new Tiles feature will begin to roll out to Wear OS watches globally over the course of the next month. An exact date is yet to be confirmed, but Google does plan on showing the feature off at Google I/O next week where the announcement of Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL is also expected, which will act as the company’s first mid-range smartphones.

In Regard to the future of Tiles, Google has confirmed that it’ll expand the current list of six by introducing new ones over time that center around different features. Eventually, users should have a Tile for their every need.

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