Google if you plan on taking mobile gaming seriously, you need to respond to Apple Arcade

Apple has just fired a serious warning at Google with the announcement of Apple Arcade. The subscription service of Apple sounds like an absolute dream. This fall when these services launch then you’ll be able to download and play hundreds of awesome premium games with just a single subscription click.


All games of Apple Arcade will be playable on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV and also available offline. It is accessible up to six different family members, and it won’t feature any ads or IAPs. It is the best solution to the horrific predatory free to play garbage that has plagued mobile since the demise of premium games are invented. Apple Arcade is going to challenge these games to compete once again.

Apple Arcade is the solution to the freemium garbage filling up the App Store

This is an extremely exciting proposition for iOS gamers and it is bad news for the users of Android side for one reason that is Apple Arcade games will be exclusive to Apple Arcade.


The news of high profile future releases have already been announced for the service, including Oceanhorn 2, Where Cards Fall, and Beyond a Steel Sky. But none of those games will ever come to Android now.

For this, you can blame the developers? Android is so notorious for its piracy that most developers have to come up with an entirely different model just to release a premium game on the platform.

That’s why games that usually have an upfront cost on iOS usually launch for free on Android, with an option to purchase the game after a few levels.

The buck lies with us for our obsession with piracy

Yes, the buck does largely land with us Android gamers for being so against the idea of paying for quality, premium games. That’s the reason that has got us in the mess we’re in right now, with predatory free to play rubbish filling Google Play.


But now it’s on Google to offer a solid alternative. Piracy isn’t anything new right here, and it has already harmed the film, TV, and music industry to the point that those folk had to turn to stream services. Google is also moving towards that space with Google Stadia, but Apple Arcade isn’t a Stadia competitor. You have to download those games and can play them entirely offline.

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Now it’s your move, Google. And it’s better to be a good one because it looks like Apple is going to do well and truly take over the mobile games market.