Grindr for Computer – Download FREE for Windows

Grindr is one of the most popular dating and social networking app, especially for bisexual men and gays. But the important fact here is its not about being gay it is about believing in humanity that does not pick people based on gay or not. They are also people with feelings, dreams, and aspirations. So, we can say that Grindr is an app for everyone.

This app will allow you to find guys and chat with them around the world. When the app was first launched, it gained billion of users from various countries. Well, you might feel curious right now so without wasting any download this app and enjoy the amazing features that it provides. There only one condition between you and this amazing app is that you must be 18 years old or above. The app is officially available in Android and iOS but you can also use this on Windows as well. How? Keep reading to find out.

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Grindr for Computer – Download FREE for Windows

Grindr for Computer – Download FREE for Windows

Viewing the profiles of Grindr on a big screen is fun and way better than viewing them on the small screens of the mobile phone. So, you can download Grindr for your computer.

Features of Grindr App

The free version of the app has amazing features to offer but you can also go for the pro version for more advanced features.

  • No ads
  • You can enable and disable push notifications
  • Use Grindr Xtra to increase your chance of meeting new men
  • Narrow down search options easily
  • Save your favorite profiles
  • Browse profiles
  • Block unwanted people
  • You can use this app on mobile and on PC as well
  • Supports high-resolution devices
  • Includes new app widgets

How Grindr Works?

The app uses location data from your device that is used to build real-life connections. So, it will find you men based on your location. The thing that you need to keep in mind is that the app will not work if you did not allow it to read your location. So, make sure you have turned on the location on your PC or mobile.

All you need to download and install this app, create your account and leave the rest to the app. This app will allow you to meet new men all around the world.

How to Download Grindr App for PC?

Below you can find the procedure to download Grindr app on a PC.

  • You should be 18 years old or above to use this app.

In the free version 100 profiles are available from various categories and to unlock more advanced features and block the annoying ads you can purchase the premium version.

Step 1: Download and Install An Emulator

To use Grindr app on PC you need to download the Android emulator first that will allow you to use android apps on a PC.

Below are our recommended best Emulators:

We suggest you use BlueStacks because

  • It is free to use
  • Add free premium account is available
  • It works with most of the Android apps
  • It is stable

Once you are done with the downloading of the emulator. Follow the steps below to install it

  1. Open the folder where you placed the downloaded file
  2. Double click on the file with the .exe extension
  3. It will start the installation wizard
  4. Follow the given instructions to complete the installation process
  5. When the installation is completed you will see an icon on the desktop. Double click to it to run the program

Step 2: Run Grindr App on PC

After you are done with the installation. Follow the steps below to use Grindr on PC

  1. Run the emulator
  2. Go to Google Play Store in your emulator
  3. Search for Grindr app by typing its name in the search field
  4. When you find the app, install it by clicking on the install button
  5. It will a few minutes to install it


Final Words

That’s it. A quite easy and simple process to use the Grindr app on a PC with the help of emulators. You can then start chatting with new people from all over the world. One last that you need to keep in mind is to stay safe and try to be aware of the locations where you are using this app on your PC such as using this app at your office might put your job at risk.

Till then enjoy chat, meet, and date as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.