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Here’s Some Uplifting News for Those Who Own a Huawei Phone

Certainly, Huawei owners are concerned right now that their phones probably won’t get any more updates (either for the Android operating framework or for Android apps) after August 19th. Also, Huawei items are absolutely not welcome in the U.S. by lawmakers. In certain countries, those with Huawei items are rushing to exchange it in before its esteem declines much more. In any case, if you own a Huawei handset and you are arranging a trip to Mexico City, you’ll be welcomed with open arms by a cafe called Taqueria Tachitos.

 Huawei phoneBloomberg reports that clients who bring a Huawei device to the restaurant will be given a free order of tacos al pastor with a base order valued at 60 pesos (equal to $3.15 at today’s trade rate). On the restaurant’s Facebook page a message is presented to those who claim a Huawei phone, “We understand your pain.”

The U.S. has been rebuffing Huawei and calling it a national security danger due to fears that it might be called on to spy for the communist government in China. However, it likewise demonstrates that President Donald Trump wants to use Huawei as a negotiating chip to get Beijing to consent to some conditions in any future exchange agreement. Then again, the Chinese government says that it won’t sit and converse to the U.S. until Huawei is permitted to source parts from the U.S. on a permanent basis.

Yes Huawei owners, you may feel as though the U.S. is against you along with Google, Qualcomm, ARM, Panasonic, the Wi-Fi Alliance and an entire bunch of different companies that you may have never know about. If that idea gets you down, consider the little restaurant in Mexico City that has your back.

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Maybe President Trump and President Xi Jinping should get together at Taqueria Tachitos and try to work out their disparities over an order of tacos al pastor. Coincidently, if you are planning on going over to the restaurant, the address is Tuberias MZ16, LT10 Solidaridad Nacional 07268 in Mexico City.