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Tips: Access Blocked Websites with Ease

How to open and access Facebook in the office. This is a common problem for all people who love this social networking site. Either they are in school or university students or office workers who wish to log in to Facebook if it is blocked. Today, social networking sites are limited by the IT administrator in the work areas because these sites make employees and students less attentive to their work. The office administrator creates a firewall for Facebook and other various well-known social networking sites, blocking access to those websites. With a little luck, you’ve made many attempts to open up Facebook stuck in your business environment, but in the end, you’re done with some unsuccessful attempts.

It is true that you have all the family members, friends and colleagues in your Facebook friends list. When you can’t log in to Facebook in the office (because the office manager blocks Facebook.com in the office) you can’t connect with friends and family and you may lose some golden moments. It’s really annoying for everyone who goes to the office every day and Facebook is the only means of connection for them. Therefore, to avoid restricting access to Facebook or any kind of another website in the office, school, and university, some geek passages must be followed.

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If you are in a university or you are employed in an organization where there are restrictions on some websites like Facebook. So, you can’t access the site. But you must know that nothing is impossible in the cyber world.

Tips: Access Blocked Websites with Ease

Access Blocked Websites

Nowadays, Internet censorship is very common in the global network. Governments do it to prevent citizens from seeing the content they consider inappropriate. Even offices and colleges block websites that they don’t like. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to block some websites. But often, most offices and collages block useful and legitimate websites for no good reason. Sometimes, Internet censorship is justified, but generally, it is the abuse of power.

Internet is an excellent place to learn new things. People like me make a living from it. Needless to say, it’s one of the best things in my life. But it would never be possible if I didn’t have access to the Internet. Internet is a free place and should be maintained in this way.

In this article, you can find some tips and tricks for accessing blocked websites without any difficulty. However, some countries/institutions are strict with internet censorship. So, if this is your case, pay attention to the consequences.

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So, there are some tricks that you can use to access sites that have been restricted in your office or college/university.

1. A Simple Trick To Start From


If the website doesn’t open, try replacing “http” with “https” in the URL. This worked perfectly on my university’s WiFi, which banned Facebook and many other social networking sites. If you receive an SSL error message, the website is not trusted. Click the Continue button anyway.

Another little trick to try before extracting large weapons is to use the URL shortening service. Try this website to shorten the URL.  However, most institutions are smart enough for this. So, don’t expect it to work anywhere.

2. Proxy website


If the previous method didn’t work for you, proxy websites should. Search for the keyword “proxy web sites”. Open the first link and enter the URL of the blocked website and click Go. The proxy website will get the blocked content for you.

You might wonder how these proxy sites work? The concept is pretty simple and straight. A proxy replaces your IP with yours. So instead of requesting the page directly, first submit a request to the proxy’s website and then forward it to the blocked site.

However, your institution can also easily block the proxy’s website. Therefore, the less popular the proxy site is, the more likely it is to work.

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3. Google translator

You may think that I am crazy but trust me you can use the Google translator as a proxy site. The best thing about using Google as a proxy is that most institutions don’t block the Google translator.

So, go to the Google Translate website. In the translation box, type the URL of the blocked website and convert it into a local language that you know. Unfortunately, they eliminated the translation in the same language.

Alternatively, use Google cache

google cache

This is one of the lesser known methods and is very similar to the Google Translate method. The best thing about this method is that it is easier than Google Translate. To access a blocked website, simply search for the website on Google Search. Once you have the search results, click on the green arrow next to the link and select Cached. This step will load the cached Web page of that URL.

Similar to Google Translate, this method also has its drawbacks like:

  • The cached web page will be loaded by the Google search engine. Therefore, what you are seeing may not be the most recent information.
  • The web page cannot load CSS styles. Therefore, you will only see plain text and images without any format or style.

However, Google Translate or the cache method does not work with dynamic websites like Facebook or YouTube. So, for that, use the following approach.

4. Browser extension

To access geographically limited websites such as Pandora and Spotify, you can use browser extensions such as TunnelBear or Zenmate. To get this extension, run a simple Google search and install it from the store. Sometimes, you may need to create an account to use them. TunnelBear provides you with only 500 MB of free data every month. Now, this is enough for text navigation. But let’s say that if you use the tunnel bear to see the US Netflix content or any other video content, so all your free data will disappear in a single session.

Well, there is a little trick to solve this problem. Most services only check their IP when they log in for the first time or when they start playing the video. So once inside, you can simply disable the VPN service.

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Netflix has been launched in almost 130 countries, but its content is not the same everywhere even though it charges the same. To access all Netflix content in an app, use Proxy Smart DNS. It’s a paid VPN that eliminates the geographical restriction of Netflix and other video sites like Hulu, BBC UK, Pandora, etc.

5. Access Blocked Websites (Android)


If you use Android on a limited Wi-Fi network then you should use Orbot. It is an Android client for the famous Tor browser. All you have to do is activate Orbot and configure everything for yourself. Tor is based on the onion routing protocol, i.e. it has 3 levels of protection and is also open source. Therefore, you can use it to access blocked websites without worrying if someone keeps their records.

However, since you are routing your traffic through 3 different computers located around the world, the speed you get will not be as good. It’s enough for text-based browsing and e-mail, but to share videos or files, you’ll have to wait a long time. Also, although no one can see what you are browsing and watching while using the Tor network if the system administrator or ISP is good enough, you can still see that someone is using a Tor client to mask their network activity.

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6. VPN Apps

Proxies are good for browsers. But if you want other apps, like uTorrent or skype on a limited network, then you need is a VPN. Furthermore, unlike proxies, it is difficult for an ISP to block a VPN connection. The reason is that, unlike proxies, VPNs are not public and connections are encrypted. Therefore, it is almost impossible to monitor and it is very difficult for ISPs to block a VPN connection.

The only drawback of VPN is that it is paid services. But you can find some free ones like Tunnel Bear or Hotspot Shield. In return, they will show you announcements or you will have limited bandwidth. However, don’t expect torrents to work with a free VPN.

7. Receive by Email

Through a service like Web2Mail Lite, you can easily access any web page from your email account. To request instant delivery of any web page, you just need to send an email to www@web2mail.com. Make sure you have entered the URL address of the web page you want to receive in the subject of your message. You’ll receive a reply within 5 minutes.

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8. Subscribe to RSS Feed

There are many websites that support RSS feeds, which is great because you can now subscribe to them in a feed reader or by email. This is quite useful because you don’t have to access the actual website if you want to view the content (new articles, updates, etc.) you might be surprised to know that there are even some social networks that now support RSS feeds, letting you subscribe to updates from your friends and view them by email or within your reader.

9. Change your DNS to SmartDNS


This is the final solution. We use the default DNS provided by our ISP. In case you don’t know, DNS is responsible for resolving the IP address of the web address that is entered in the address bar. However, as everything runs in the background, we never notice it.

Because the predefined DNS services are provided by the ISP, they can easily monitor and block requests and make the website you are trying to access unreachable. In such situations, you can use services like Smart DNS Proxy. When using the smart DNS proxy, a different set of DNS addresses is provided. When using these addresses, you can unlock everything, i.e. websites and some streaming services like Netflix and even torrents. The good news is that the smart DNS proxy has a very detailed guide on how to change the DNS address on different systems like Windows, MacOS, Android and even on routers.

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The pros of using the DNS method is that, since it is possible to change the DNS settings at the router level, all devices such as smartphones, computers and even Chromecasts will work without any additional configuration. Furthermore, the DNS method is faster than your normal VPN. But here’s the annoyance, Smart Proxy DNS is a payment service that costs $ 5 a month. So, if you want to go that route, you can try Smart DNS Proxy or UnblockUS. Both are good and offer a free trial without a credit card.


But the most effective way to hide your identity is to use Tor. The only drawback is that when you access to torrent or YouTube, the connection is very slow. But hey, you can access any blocked website, right?

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That’s it for today. If there I anything that you want to add feel free to mention that in the comment section. Stay tuned as we will be back soon with another interesting topic to share with you.

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