How to add an email as an attachment in Mail

If you want to send an email you got to another individual as an attachment, this is easy to do in the Mail app on Mac and iPadOS. Possibly you would prefer not to simply advance it like you can on iPhone because you want to keep it in its original structure.

Here’s how to add emails as attachments in Mail.

Add an email from Mail on Mac

Open the Mail app to the message you are composing and want to append the other email to. It’s easiest to open it in its own window if it’s an answer or advance.

With both the Mail window and the email composing window open, drag the email you want to connect to the next window and drop it in.

Add a saved email

If you saved the email to another area as of now, you can explore it and use a similar intuitive activity to add it to your new message.

Then again, click the Attach button, find the email, and click Choose File.

Simply recall that if you use the primary method to drag the email to the message, it will be appended in its original arrangement. If you spare the email first, you may likewise want to choose Raw Message Source to retain that arrangement.

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Add an email from Mail on iPadOS

If you have an iPad running iPadOS, you can relocate an email into another one in Mail with Slide Over.

Open the message you’re composing, hold down on the line at the top, and drag the window to the correct side. It ought to be stopped there so you see it alongside the Mail app window.

Select your email in the Mail window, drag it onto the message window on the right, and release.

Final Touches:

Sending emails attachments may not be something you have to do frequently, however, when the opportunity arrives you know now exactly how easy it is on Mac and iPad.