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How To Add Guest Mode To iOS 12 iPhone Or iPad

If you are looking at the features of Apple’s and make bets on what the user wants, then you can use different user groups on the iPhone and iPad as a part of the iOS experience.

lendmyphoneThe jailbreak community released a new updated version of the LendMyPhone 2 package offering iOS 12 compatibility but Apple’s hasn’t taken any action on these requests.

Windows and MacOS (desktop platforms) has this built-in function. It is a part of an experience and a common expectation to have an administrative set up in for different user groups and user accounts and give them different features access level according to their demands. The jailbreak community looks to plug holes that big manufacturers create and that exactly what LendMyPone 2 is all about but Apple’s hasn’t morphed across into the world of mobile smartphone and tablet just yet for one or other reason.

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Jailbreak using version 3.0.0 of the uncover utility and the package isn’t new but has been updated to offer compatibility with iOS-12 powered iPhone and iPad hardware. Once its installed the owner of the phone have to know that which app can installed and more important thing a nominated guest cannot be accessed by your phone like if you give your phone to a child to play a game then you can block him from access to any other apps like YouTube or even safari if you don’t want them browsing the web.

LendMyPhone-01It also has additional functions like preventing the guest from killing apps from multitasking, editing home screen layout and even stop them from entirely disable spotlight using powerful spotlight search to get access to specific areas and content on the jailbroken devices.

You can also set a passcode to every guest account and its one of the clever and well- architected part of this device, the automatically logs specify a user into the device to their accounts and there are many restrictions in a place that are defined by the administrator of the device. you can also purchase it in $3.99.