How to Block Websites on Android [Updated]

A couple of days back we composed an article on How To Block Websites On iOS. Be that as it may, there now and again, when suites frequently end up being infamous by indicating inappropriate substance, spring up promotions, video advertisements. There are fishy sites that give you counterfeit infection and information burglary pop-ups. All things considered, it’s smarter to avoid such sites and all the better you can do is square them. Thus, here are 4 Different Ways To Block Websites on Android.

How to Block Websites on Android

Host File Method

Perhaps the least demanding approach to obstruct a site on Android locally is to modify the host’s file. You should simply divert the Website space name to the localhost IP address. Be that as it may, altering host files require a rooted Android device. That being stated, there are apps like DNS66 and hardly any other host file editors. These apps make a nearby VPN with it’s very own host’s file and divert all the traffic through it.

We can utilize these apps and square any site we need. For this exhibition, I will use DNS66, yet the steps for the different apps will be comparative. Right off the bat, download and install DNS66 from F-Droid. DNS66 isn’t accessible on the Play Store because it contains files that can square promotions which are against Google Policies. Nonetheless, F-Droid is a sheltered source and DNS66 is likewise an open-source app.

When you have DNS66 installed, open the app and explore to the Hosts tab. Tap on the coasting “Add” symbol appearing in the base right corner.

On the include section page, enter the name, site address, and activity as “Deny”. Tap on the checkmark on the upper right corner to spare the changes.

When you have included the passages, this is what it looks like in the Hosts tab.

Now, go to the Start Tab and tap on the “Start” button.

If you get a message something like the accompanying, tap on the “No” choice. This message appears because the hosts files have not been downloaded and gotten to by the DNS66 app. Next, tap on the invigorate symbol at the upper right corner to download the hosts file.

In the wake of refreshing, give tapping a shot the Start button once more. You should see a “Connection Request” message, tap on the “OK” button to proceed. This will empower the neighborhood VPN from DNS66.

Now that you have empowered the neighborhood VPN, you should see a section in the notification cabinet. It should resemble the accompanying.

That is it. From this point forward, nobody can get to the additional site as long as the DNS66 neighborhood VPN is running. For better unwavering quality, switch the “Watch Connection” alternative in the Start tab. This guarantees the connection and VPN are alive and working.

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Using A Dedicated Browser

Then again, you can likewise square sites on the program. If you simply need to square grown-up and explicit sites then you can use a program like Safe Browser. To obstruct a specific site, you can use the great old Firefox internet browser for Android. If you use Google Chrome, there are no inner settings on versatile to square sites. Indeed, Firefox for Android doesn’t bolster blocking sites naturally. Be that as it may, you can install an extra to square sites which is a genuinely straightforward procedure.

To begin, download and install Firefox if you haven’t as of now. Once installed, type “about:addons” in the location bar and tap on the “Go” button.

On the other hand, you can likewise open the addons page by tapping on the three spots at the upper right corner. Tap on Add ons from the all-inclusive dropdown settings.

When you are in the addons page, tap on the “Browse all Firefox Add-ons” choice.

Here, scan for “Block Site” add-on. The following is the extra we are searching for. When you have discovered it, tap on the tap on the “Add to Firefox” button.

Firefox will request your affirmation to install the extra. Basically tap on the “Yes” button to proceed.

Now, return to the Add-ons page inside Firefox and tap on the recently installed “Block Site” add-on. This will take you to the Block Site settings page.

Here, enter the URL you need to hinder in the “Add domains manually to the block list” segment. When you are done, tap on the include button. For showing purposes, I’ve hindered the site

Now in the wake of including the passage, it ought to be unmistakable under the “List of blocked domains” segment.

That is it. From this point forward, the user can’t get to the site you just added to the Firefox program