How To Delete Photos From Hinge

With its attention on building enduring connections, Hinge isn’t your ordinary internet dating app. At the point when it was first made, it was connected to Facebook, bringing in the entirety of your photos and other information from there. The app no longer expects you to sign in by means of Facebook, however, it despite everything needs admittance to your Facebook or Instagram accounts or your Camera Roll to import photos.

If you use Hinge, you might be thinking about how you can delete individual photos or trade them with others from your Facebook exhibition. This article will respond to that question and offer tips about the best photo types to expanding the number of preferences you get.

Would you be able to Even Delete Photos?

As per Hinge, you can’t delete photos. It in reality just takes the initial six photos from your Profile Pictures collection on Facebook, just as Tagged Photos on the off chance that there are insufficient profile photos. You can, however, trade the pictures, so the ones you don’t care for don’t get the opportunity to be in the highlighted six.

Delete your photos – iOS

  1. Start the Hinge app, then enter Settings.
  2. Tap the pencil symbol to open your profile.
  3. Discover the “My Photos and Videos” menu. Tap the X on photos you might want to eliminate, then tap the red “+” sign to give a substitution photo or video. Instagram and your Camera Roll are now additionally upheld.
  4. Drag photos to reorder them as you wish. At the point when you’ve finished this, tap “Done”.

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Delete your photos – Android

  1. Start the Hinge app, then enter Settings.
  2. Tapping a photo allows you to move and scale it, just as include and alter subtitles. Above all, you can likewise substitute one of the six photos that you have to have on your profile. Much the same as with iOS, the Hinge app on Android upholds Facebook, yet Instagram and your camera photos, too.
  3. Tap when you’re done.


What happens when you delete Hinge?

If you choose to delete Hinge, the entirety of your profile data including pictures and discussions will disappear.

How would I be able to get more matches on Hinge?

Besides the tips and deceives over, it’s essential to have a profile with incredible substance. Totally round out your profile with fun, fascinating, and fair realities about yourself and your inclinations to draw greater commitment from others.

What would I be able to do if I’d preferably enjoy a reprieve from Hinge?

The app offers a ‘Pause Profile’ alternative. Head toward settings and pause your record for some time. Doing this implies you won’t show as other dynamic users do.

Wrapping Up

Notwithstanding its emphasis on non-shallow, enduring connections, even Hinge is about the preferences, in any event, to start with. Take a stab at using these tips whenever you choose to update your photos and check whether it makes a difference.

Do you have any past involvement in Hinge or some other dating app? How significant do you think photos are for internet dating? Offer your contemplations in the remarks underneath!