How to enable and customize Switch Control on Mac

Switch Control is a useful openness include on Mac. It lets you connect a versatile device and then collaborate by entering content, choosing things, and controlling your Mac.

If you need to use Switch Control for you or someone you share your PC with, this tutorial shows you how to enable and customize Switch Control on Mac.

Enable Switch Control

Turning on Switch Control is very simple on your Mac.

1) Open your System Preferences using the icon your Dock or Apple icon > System Preferences from the menu bar.

2) Select Accessibility.

3) On the left, pick Switch Control.

4) On the right, pick General and check the crate to Enable Switch Control.

You’ll see the Home – Switch panel appear on your screen.

Customize Switch Control

While in a similar Accessibility > Switch Control window, you can pause for a minute to customize it. You can likewise handicap it to customize the settings if it’s simpler, and then basically re-enable it.


Appearance: The Switch Control panel s are dull with a light foundation as a matter of course, yet you can invert that.

Hide panel after inertia: You can hide the Switch Control panel after you’re idle for as long as 60 seconds if you like.

Allow platform switching to control your computerYou can use another of your Apple devices that is as of now set up to work with your switches to control your Mac. Simply ensure the devices are on a similar Wi-Fi system and using a similar Apple ID.


You can configure a couple of settings for when you’re composing using the Switch Control highlight. Check or uncheck the crates for showing the present content in the panel console and automatically embeddings and expelling spaces and promoting sentences.


Here you can include or erase switches, dole out actions, and set auto-examine options.

  • To include a switch, click the in addition to the signing button and trust that your Mac will distinguish and connect it.
  • To expel a switch, click the short sign button and confirm.
  • To customize a switch’s name and actions, select it in the rundown and click the settings button (gear icon).
  • To change the planning for auto filtering, click the Timing button. You can configure timing for holding before performing duration, overlooking switch rehashes, and holding before rehash duration.



The Navigation tab lets you set options for things like what to do while exploring and when the pointer arrives at the edge. You can likewise set the Switch Control cursor size, the number of circles, and the cursor’s restart position.

Change the panel options

While you have the Switch Control panel open, you can make changes to its size and straightforwardness.

Subsequent to choosing a thing, if you see the apparatus icon on the top right, click it and you’ll see options from left to option to increment or decline the size and increment or diminishing the straightforwardness.

Use the home button in any panel to come back to the Home – Switch panel.

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Wrapping it up

If you have to set up Switch Control for a versatile device, it’s anything but difficult to enable and customize per your inclination.

Is Switch Control something you have to set up for yourself or a friend or family member? If so and you’d prefer to share a few hints you gain from using it, it would be ideal if you leave a remark beneath!