How to Find a Lost Android Phone

You lost your Android phone and no measure of looking has turned it up. Before you start remembering your steps, you should know that Google offers a simple method to find a lost Android phone. If your phone is connected to your Google account, you can discover your Android phone effectively using and it’s “Find my phone” include.

How to Locate Android Phone Using

Go to and type “Find my phone” into the internet searcher.

Google Search

If you’re signed in to your Google account from your internet browser, and your phone is turned on and connected to the Internet, it will appear on a guide.

If you have a smartwatch, a tablet, or another phone that is additionally connected to the Internet and signed into your Google account, Google will discover it, as well. Select the drop-down menu beneath the guide to picking the lost Android device you’re attempting to find.

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How to Find Android Phone Using Its Ringer

If your phone is close by, and you basically can’t see it, Google can assist you with discovering it by turning on the ringer.

Simply select Ring beneath the guide and Google will ring your phone at full volume, regardless of whether the ringer on your phone is set to quiet. At the point when you hear the ring, essentially get your phone and hit the force button to stop the ringing.

Find Android Phone Using Google Home

If you have a Google Home device, and your Google account is linked to it, you needn’t bother with a PC to locate your lost phone. Rather, just state, “Hello Google! Where’s my phone?” Google Home will then ring your phone, regardless of whether the ringer is set to quiet.

Consider the possibility that Your Phone Is Still Lost or Stolen.

If your phone isn’t close by, and you can’t find it on the guide or ring it, Google has extra tools to help secure your own data until you recover the phone.

Stolen Phone

From the guide that found your phone, select Recover. This will take you to a few alternatives that will allow you to call your phone, lock it, put a phone number to call on the lock screen, connect with your bearer, or eradicate the phone.