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How To Find & View Facebook Memories

Facebook has completely changed the way we see and use social media platforms. Many features have been introduced over the years, and Facebook Memories is one of them.

The function allows you to view certain messages, photos, and precious moments. You can easily find all the special moments that go back to the creation of your profile. Souvenirs are classified into four categories, making it easier for you to find what you need. Read on to find out how to post your memories on Facebook.

Memories in Sections

Facebook has divided all of your memories into four different sections:

  • On this day
  • Friends of this day
  • Recap of memories
  • Memories you may have missed

Each section has different memories that you can share with friends and people who matter to you. Let’s take a closer look at what each section means.

Memories of that day

The content in this category will remind you of the important moments that happened on a specific day. The memories date back to the year you created your profile. Some dates will have no memories to display, while others may contain several memories. It is the easiest way to remember what happened on a specific date.

Friends of this day

Facebook will remind you of the days when you made friends on the platform. You can track the dates you’ve befriended the people you love, and even Facebook creates a video or photo collage with the memories you’ve shared over time. It’s a great way to remind yourself of past events that have changed your life.

Recap of memories

Memory summaries show you summary summaries that have occurred in a month or a season. You can view them as a short video or as a message. Again, the feature allows you to pick up on all the moments that have meant something to you and your friends.

Memories you may have missed

If you don’t like checking your memories all the time, this section will tell you everything you missed last week.

How to access Facebook memories

The Facebook Memories feature was last updated in 2018. You can view your memories at any time by clicking on the Memories bookmark to the left of your news feed. Here’s how to access your memories on Facebook:

Step 1: Open the official Facebook application or website.

Step 2: Expand the Explore tab to display the Memories bookmark.

Memories Tab

Step 3: The memories that occurred that day will appear in the stream.

How to Find Specific Memories:

There is another way to find special moments from the past, whatever the day. It will take a little more effort, but you can find everything and everything that happened on Facebook. If you want to find a specific publication or memory from previous years, here is how to do it:

Step 1: Open the official Facebook application or website.

Step 2: Enter a date, keyword, or name in the search engine.

Search by Date

Stage 3: Select the category you want to see on the left side of the page.

Step 4: Search for specific items based on different parameters.

You can search for a specific publication or group. You can also find messages posted by other people, including your friends and groups of which you are a member.

Find via Date Posted:

If you want to find something that you published yourself, it is best to consult the “Publication date” tab. There you can scroll through your entire Facebook posting history, dating back to the day you created your profile. You will be amazed at what you can find in your previous posts from five or even ten years ago. It’s best to leave some things in the past, so be careful when looking at your old Facebook memories. Here’s how to filter memories by date.

Step 1: Open the Facebook Memories tab.

Step 2: Click the Preferences option in the upper right corner.

Stage 3: Click on Edit next to the dates.

Step 4: Now select the start date and the end date of the memories you want to consult.

Step 5: You can even add more dates in the Select Dates section

Step 6: Finally, click Save, and all of the memories you have selected will appear in the stream.

How to finish a post

If you are looking for a specific publication or memory, you can search by date and month. To find a date or time, do the following:

Step 1: Visit your profile page and click on “Manage Messages”, which should be located under “What do you think?” box.

Step 2: Use the filters on the left side to limit your search criteria.

Stage 3: Use the Grid View option to see more publications. When you find the one that interests you, click on it, share, delete, or make the necessary changes.

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Final but Useful words:

Sometimes life separates friends. Time flies and people come and go. It’s easy to forget someone if they haven’t been in touch for years, and that’s where Facebook memories make the biggest difference.

Sometimes you will remember people or events that you have completely forgotten. The memories will take you back to that exact moment, giving you a reason to reconnect with an old friend so you can continue where you left off.


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