How to find Your Amazon URL?

Amazon is the biggest online shopping center in the world. From a single piece of a pencil to the giant machinery parts, every legal thing is being sold on Amazon. Even now the renowned companies who already own a large business are a vendor at Amazon. To buy or sell something on Amazon, having an Amazon account is compulsory. E-shopping addicts already have an Amazon account. But, one thing which they don’t know is how to share their Amazon account URL or profile URL somewhere.

Well, normally social media platforms and some other hubs directly display the profile URL at the address bar. But the scenario is different from the E-Commerce giant like Amazon. You have to get the URL by exploring a few account settings. It is not so difficult you just need to follow the few steps. Even many of the Amazon old users didn’t know how do they find Amazon URL. For their guidance, we are writing down the procedure to get what you want.

How do you find your Amazon URL:

Do you want to share your Amazon Profile with someone else on Facebook or WhatsApp? Well, the displayed URL on the Amazon Address bar is the custom URL. It willnot opens your profile when the user will click on that URL. You hve to get your Amazon Profile address on Demand from account settings.

  1. Visit the Amazon website on the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Log-in to your Amazon account if you are not already.
  3. Once you opened your account you will see the Amazon Homepage. Here at the top bar you will see the option of Accounts & Lists, move your mouse cursor on it. Now click on the Your Account option.
    Find Amazon URL
  4. Watch the option of Your Amazon Profile present under the heading of Ordering and Shopping Preferences. Click on the option, this will open your Amazon Profile Page.
    Find Amazon URL
  5. Now the URL present at the address bar is your Amazon Profile URL or you can say your Amazon URL.

    Find Amazon URL

  6. Copy the URL and paste it wherever you want.

Can I Use Amazon Prime for Free?

Well by nature Amazon Prime is not free. Infact, you shouldn’t ask this question when you heard the word “Prime” ethically. Every good thing never comes for free and you know that. You need to pay a due amount to become Amazon Prime Subscriber. Overall you are getting the facility of 1-day delivery. You think it is a bad deal!

The only thing which you can enjoy for free on Amazon Prime is the one-month free trial. A popular trick is; people order the product while using the free trial. After receiving the product they cancel the subscription. This trick saves them from subscription cost. If there is any student reading this, he can subscribe to the student package. He can enjoy the Amazon Prime upto 6 months without any cost.