How to Fix Checkra1n “Checking If Device Is Ready” Error 31 During iOS 13 Jailbreak

Here’s a potential fix for Checkra1n “Checking if the device is prepared” blunder 31 while jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad on iOS 13 jailbreak.

Now that Checkra1n is all set, you’re most likely attempting to jailbreak your iPhones and iPads.

We’ve seen a lot of individuals attempting to do precisely that with some taking to internet-based life to take note of that they’re having issues, to be specific, a mistake that says “Checking if the device is prepared” with nothing happening. One user summarized it consummately.

“I’m running Hackintosh and I installed checkra1n and tried to jailbreak my iPhone 7 but it’s stuck on “checking if the device is ready” and there is nothing showing up on my phone any fix??”

From the outset we thought the reality they were using a Hackintosh may be the issue, however, we’ve additionally encountered a similar issue on a “genuine” Mac. And afterward, we went over what appears to be the fix. What’s more, certain enough, it worked for us.

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How to Fix Checkra1n “Checking If Device Is Ready” error

If you’re having the issue we simply portrayed, take a stab at using a standard USB-A 3.0 to Lightning link as opposed to a USB-C to Lightning link. If you’re using a more established iPhone, the odds are that it is now what you’re using thus far, we haven’t had an excessive number of issues with that setup. Be that as it may, when we’ve discovered the issue raises its head, we’ve likewise discovered a USB-C link.

We recommend using the following cables or dongles for using checkra1n jailbreak: