How to Fix Instagram Stories Keep Repeating

By | June 11, 2020

One of the most irritating things on Instagram is when stories or posts start to repeat themselves. Interestingly, Instagram has never had an official explanation, although many users have experienced it at least once.

Don’t worry because this problem is not here to stay. Everything will return to normal in a few hours. Until then, these are the three most common reasons why this could happen.

Poor Internet Connection?

Poor Internet Connection

When you notice Instagram Stories repeating itself, you need to check your Wi-Fi or cellular data first. This is the most common reason for many problems on Instagram.

Even if it appears to be connected to the Wi-Fi network, the connection may be bad. The only way to fix this is to try to connect to another source and see what is going on.

Check for Updates!

Insta Update

Every two months, Instagram surprises us with great new features. If an update has been missed, your app may start behaving strangely. This is one of the ways to remind you that it may be time to update.

Repeating Instagram stories is just one of the things that can happen. IG sometimes also repeats articles or displays only a limited number. You almost found yourself thinking, “Is it possible that none of my subscribers posted something today?”

To resolve this issue, go to the App Store or Google Play and update your app. It only takes a few minutes, but the benefits are obvious. You will stop seeing duplicate stories and you will also be able to use many new and surprising features.

Instagram is down!

It happened a few times last year. People have started to complain on Twitter that their Instagram stories repeat themselves and that the flow is not refreshing. They thought the problem was with their phones. However, these messages quickly went viral because everyone had a similar problem.

Instagram was inactive for almost a whole day. We never had an official explanation, except that Instagram had a network problem. Many users have been outraged, especially those who use the platform to promote their businesses. Fortunately, these big accidents don’t happen often.

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However, Instagram may be inactive in an area due to a network problem in that particular region. That may be what is happening to you now. We suggest that you contact your friends and check if they have a similar problem.

Stories from the Same Person, again and again?

Another common question is why we see someone’s stories every day, while we never see other users’ stories. The people who appear first in your stories are usually your friends, the people you interact with often, or the people whose stories you always see. At least, that’s how it should be.

However, if Instagram continues to show you stories from someone you don’t care about, that’s what could happen. The Instagram algorithm likes active users. The more stories a person posts, the more Instagram will show their stories to other users. It’s so easy.

If your subscribers aren’t particularly active, Instagram will probably always show you who that is. And the only thing you can do about it is to hide their stories.

To do this, go to your profile and press the following. Then you will see various options, but you need to click on Mute. Then choose if you want to mute your stories or articles, or both.

If you are wondering if you can say that he silenced them, the answer is no. It depends on you, and Instagram won’t let them know.

We Really Don’t know everything:

There are a lot of things that nobody knows about Instagram. For example, no one can say for sure how their algorithm works. So if a similar problem recurs, try to stay calm. Instagram is probably already working to fix it.

Have you had any other problems with Instagram Stories? Let us know in the comment section.