How To Fix iOS 13 Notes App Not Syncing

Here’s a bit by bit manage on the best way to fix iOS 13 Notes app sync not working with macOS Catalina and different devices.

Any reasonable person would agree that Apple isn’t having the best of times with a portion of its product strength at the present time. The dispatches of iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 Catalina haven’t gone well by any means, and if you’re a Notes app user, there’s a decent possibility that notes aren’t matching up appropriately, either. In any case, there may be a fix.

iOS 13 Apple Notes

If you’re finding that notes made on one device aren’t matching up to other people, regardless of whether that is iPhones, iPads, or Macs, have a go at following these steps and checking whether things improve.

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How To Fix iOS 13 Apple Notes App Not Syncing

Stage 1: First up, enable Notes on My Mac (Notes > Preferences > Enable on My Mac) so as to save your notes locally first.

Stage 2: Now to save the notes locally, on the Mac, select all iCloud notes (Command-An) and afterward click and gradually drag them into On My Mac. Notes will solidify for some time while the transfer finishes. All notes will then be in On My Mac. To save folders, try to make similar folders in On My Mac and drag folder by folder.

Stage 3: Now debilitate the Notes switch in the iCloud preferences on the Mac and every single other device so iCloud records disappear from the Notes apps. You should do this on all iOS, iPadOS and Mac devices you may have.

Stage 4: Once done, from any of your Apple devices, head over to Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage > Notes, select the alternative to Delete all Data.

Stage 5: Once done, re-enable the iCloud Notes switch on the Mac.

Stage 6: Now drag the locally-stored notes from Mac once again into iCloud.

Stage 7: Now enable the iCloud Notes on the various devices you may have so all notes become consequently in a state of harmony once more.

With a bit of luck, that procedure will have your notes matching up once more. Try it out, we’ve our fingers and toes crossed for you as this arrangement has fixed it for us.