How to Force Quit Stuck Apps in Mac

If your Apps on Mac Book Get Stuck, then Follow our Post, Here we Provide the Best Methods to Force Quit Stuck Apps or Not Responding Apps on Mac OS X.

Hi Readers, Today we will talk about How to Force Quit Mac a Stucked App on your Mac in different manners. Each one Well Know that the MacOS and OC X is Most Popular Operating Systems around the globe. In any case, In once in a while the Apps on your Mac Computers will stall out because of bunches of specialized issues Also there are numerous People who are neglected to Force Quit Mac from that App Normally.

In my Knowledge, this Issue, for the most part, Occurs because of Mac’s CPU over Load or Memory Full Apps as yet stacking Data. While in the event that if your App Get Stuck on Mac Device, then Don’t stress Because we generally concoct some simple and Cool Tricks to Force Quit Mac From Stuck App on Mac, So simply pursue Below methods on Mac and afterward Boost-up the speed of your Device.

Force Quit Stuck Apps in Mac

Methods to Force Quit Mac when Stuck App on Mac OS X

Let’s Try Keyboard first:

  1. In this method, you simply Press the “Command+Option+Escape” keys on your Mac Keyboard
  2. In the wake of squeezing those Keys simultaneously, it shows a “Force Quit” window on the screen.
  3. I think this is probably the most effortless ways because which gives the answer for “App not Responding on Mac” issue inside seconds,
  4. Now simply select the Apps which are slammed or Stuck on your Mac Computer.
  5. Then click on “Force Quit” Button from the base bar of the window screen.

Use the Activity Monitor:

  1. Activity Monitor App is a Utility Tool, a Kind of Task Manager Tool on Mac Book, which lets to Force Quit Mac App of any Stuck or Frozen Apps.
  2. Likewise, this App shows the Accurate Information about the Current status of Running Apps subtleties like CPU, Memory, Disk and Network use, and so on your Mac Device.
  3. You can Access this Hidden Tool from underneath steps.
  4. From your Dock, Open the “Finder” >> then Navigate to Applications >> where discover the Utilities then Click on it >> After Double snap-on “Activity Monitor” Option.
  5. When the Activity Monitor App Opened, then basically find and Select the Stucked or Frozen Apps
  6. After Click on “Quit” Button, That’s it Now the Apps shut Successfully.

Use Apple Menu to Force Quit

  1. Apple Menu” is one more Useful Way to Force Quit Frozen Apps on OS X Devices.
  2. While you can get to this “Apple Menu” from two effectively Ways, the First one is Keyboard Short Cut can Method. where you and the Press the “Command+Option+Escape” Keys at one to Access the Menu.
  3. In the second Alternate method, Just Clicking on Apple Logo from your Mac Book Menu Bar and afterward essentially Get access to Apple Menu
  4. When the Apple Menu Opened, Simply Choose the “Force Quit” Option
  5. The Quit menu shows the Running Apps on your Mac, where you simply Choose the Not Responding App and Click on Force Quit.

A Keyboard Shortcut Method

  1. This is another Easiest Way, Here you simply Press the “Command+ Option+ Escape+ Shift” Keys at Once
  2. if you hold the previously mentioned Keys for a couple of moments. then all the Apps that are not running consummately on Mac Device will be shut.
  3. This is a Very Powerful Process and which shuts all Running Apps, so Please note that you can use this method just you need to Force Quit Mac Applications.

Force Quit Mac App from the Command Line:

  1. If the above-given methods still not chipping away at your Device, then pursue the direction line procedure to kill unresponsive Apps.
  2. However, Before going into this process, you’ll have to Determine the Apps Process ID (PID).
  3. You can without much of a stretch discover the Apps PID esteem from Activity Monitor App. What’s more, those numeric qualities are recorded on PID Column list So you can Note the Numeric estimation of Particular App you need to Close
  4. Now Open the Command Terminal and type (Kill-9 App PID) on Box
  5. Press the Enter Key to Kill the not reacting App on your Mac OS and OS X Device.


That is it My Dear Readers, these are the Best 5 Methods to Force Quit Mac Frozen App on your Mac, you simply Follow all the above methods and afterward Find the Solution compactable for your Mac. We trust you enjoyed this post, on the off chance that if you affectionate any Issues with the above Methods then basically Leave a Comment on Below.

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This article predominantly finishes up you How to Force Quit Mac Stucked Apps and I am giving you the Best methods to Force Quit a Stuck Application in Mac OS X. If any method not working your end, then attempt any of the 5 methods above which may work. If you know some other method, leave a remark and let us know the additional methods to Force Quit Mac