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How to Get 90fps in PUBG Mobile/Emulator

We as a whole have seen Live Streams of PUBG Mobile. Most of the Live Streamers Play on PC using Android Emulators. It’s truly fun!

If you additionally want to Play PUBG Mobile on PC, Memu Play Android Emulator is a Good Choice. In this article, I will explain step by step process to Play PUBG Mobile on your PC using Memu Play Emulator.

What You Don’t know is that you can run Pubg Mobile on Memu Emulator on 90FPS. And today we will tell you exactly how.

How to Install PUBG Mobile on Memu Emulator:

First of All, you need to download the latest variant of Memu Play. The Latest Version is 5.6.2 and you can download it from HERE

  1. When Downloaded, Open up the file to start the installation.
  2. After Installation completes, Click on “Finish”
  3. Then Click on Launch Now to dispatch the Memu Play Android Emulator
  4. Depending on the configuration of your System, it will take some time to start
  5. When started, you will be taken to the Home screen

Now, we need to Install “PUBG Mobile” in Memu Play Emulator. This can be done in two different ways. Either you can download the App from Play Store or You can Simply Install the .apk file and transfer the Game Data in OBB Folder. I will be sharing both of these methods.

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The subsequent method is simple and fast because you can just transfer files from your Smartphone (in which PUBG is as of now installed). Downloading from the Play Store will take some time as the Game Size is more than 1 GB. Indeed, that’s your decision, I am sharing both methods for you.

Installing PUBG Mobile in Memu Play using Play Store

  1. Open Memu Play and Click on “Play Store”
  2. Now, Click on Sign in and Enter your Google Credentials
  3. When authenticated, you will have the option to get to play Store
  4. Just Type “PUBG” and Hit Enter
  5. Click on “Install” to start the Download
  6. When Downloaded, the Game will be installed automatically.

How to Get 90fps in PUBG Mobile/Emulator

And now comes the main and the most complicated part, getting it to run 90FPS, but keep in mind, you need a screen with at-least 100hz screen refresh rate to break this limit.

  1. Open Memu Player
  2. Click on the Top Right corner and click System Settings.
  3. In the display tab, enable 120FPS Mode.

Now we need to make some changes in the code of the Emulator.

Download Hex Editor on Memu Emulator, the same way you installed the Pubg Mobile.

Open Hex Editor, Click on Open Files and Navigate to:

External > Android > Data > Com.tencent.ig > Files > UEA4GAME > ShadowTrackerExtra > ShadowTrackerExtra > Saved > Save Games and then open Active.sav

Click on Search and type FPS and choose String from the options below and click on Find.

FPS Search

You’ll see a series of 00 like in ss below.

FPS Search

In my SS the last value is already 07 but by default, it is 06.

Click on it and click Edit and change it to 07 from 06 and this time choose HEX Fragment instead of Strings from options below.

Chang Value

Click on Save and Keep going back until you are out of the HEX Editor.

Open Pubg Mobile > Settings > Graphics and set to Smooth & Extreme to get 90FPS in game.