How To Hide/Unhide Photos or Albums in iOS 14

Here’s how to hide or unhide the iOS 14 Photos and Hidden Album from inside the Photos app, for genuine this time.

Apple delivered iOS 14 as of late and it fixes something that is constantly been somewhat odd most definitely. The Photos app has since quite a while ago had a hidden album that you could put photos into. The issue was that you could generally discover those pictures by opening the album that was called, truly, Hidden.

Now, with iOS 14, you can really hide the album, with the hidden photos in it, so they’re totally hidden. That appears to be a smart thought, isn’t that right?


Covering up and unhiding photos is now quite basic and works only the manner in which you may anticipate. In spite of the fact that there’s a proviso that we’ll get to in a moment.

For the present, here’s how to hide your photos, trailed by stowing away and unhiding your hidden album.

Hide Photos

This one is genuinely direct. Essentially select the photos you wish to hide, hit the Share button, and from the offer sheet, basically select the Hide alternative.

Hide/Unhide ‘Hidden’ Album

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Look down and tap “Photos”.

Find “Hidden Album” and switch it on to make the album accessible and off to hide it.

Open the Photos app and your Hidden album will have disappeared. Or on the other hand, reappeared. It’s up to you!

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Now, we referenced there’s a proviso and here it is. While concealing the Hidden album will do precisely that, apps will at present have the option to see it and its pictures when using the photo picker. So perhaps remember that when you’re placing pictures into that album. Photos in the hidden album are hidden until they aren’t nevertheless then they are at times.