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How to insert and annotate images in TextEdit

You likely know about the TextEdit app on your Mac. This inherent tool allows you to make and alter plain or rich content reports no problem at all. Be that as it may, what you cannot deny is that you can likewise annotate images directly within it.

This is handy for rich content reports when you would prefer not to use a word processing app and simply need your record, that includes a picture, rapidly. And the best part is that you’ll use a similar Markup tool you’re used to on your Mac.

Here’s how to insert and annotate images in TextEdit on your Mac.

Insert your picture into TextEdit

Keep in mind, you need to use a rich book report if you need to insert a picture into TextEdit. If you’re using plain content, click Format > Make Rich Text from the menu bar.

Then, you can insert a picture a couple of different ways:

  1. Right-click in the body of the record, select Import Image from the alternate way menu, and pick your picture.
  2. Click Edit > Attach Files and peruse for your picture.
  3. Drag a picture from its present area into the TextEdit record.

Annotate a picture in TextEdit

Now that you have your picture in your TextEdit archive, annotating it is simple.

  1. Select the picture in your archive and you’ll see a bolt on its top right. Pick Markup (or a different picture editing tool if you like).
  2. Your picture will open in the Markup window where you can alter and annotate is however you see fit.
  3. If you’ve never used Markup on your Mac, it offers some extraordinary tools. Look at the toolbar and you’ll see buttons to outline, draw, feature, sign, include shapes and content, include an outskirt, pivot or yield your picture.How to insert and annotate images in TextEdit
  4. At the point when you finish, click Done and your altered picture will show in your TextEdit record.

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Wrapping it up

Being ready to increase images directly from TextEdit makes it simple for fast alters like signing a report, cropping a picture, or adding some content.


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