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How to Play 4K YouTube Videos in Safari

Tired of watching YouTube in Safari on your Mac and having to deal with the maximum resolution of 1080p? We know it does, but the idea of ​​letting Chrome get lost in our RAM isn’t something we like. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid all of this: 4Ktube.

The idea behind 4Ktube is simple. It is a small Safari extension that monitors the videos being played and tells you if it offers quality higher than 1080p.


“YouTube does not support 4K video playback in Safari for Mac. This extension shows a 4K badge in the toolbar if a YouTube video you’re watching offers quality higher than 1080p. Click the toolbar button to open the video in another web browser and enjoy it in full 4K glory.”

If so, you can open the video in another browser, be it Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or more. That’s when you get your 4K or better. Sounds good, right?

Best of all, free. Simply download the 4KTube app from the Mac App Store, install it, and go racing!

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It’s a wonderful way to enjoy high-quality videos, not just YouTube, without having to use another browser full-time. Now you can still use Safari as an adult, but then switch to another browser to get your 4K solution!

Download: 4Ktube Extension for Mac from the Mac App Store


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