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How To Rematch In Bumble

Bumble is a dating app very similar to Tinder but it has a key difference. Both apps have profiles with pictures, links to social media accounts, and use the left and right swipe pattern to match. The main difference is that the woman has to start the conversation.

In a match of the opposite sex in the meeting part of Bumble, the two parties must slide to the right to make a match, but once this match is made, only the woman can start the conversation.

The intention is to clean up the dating community in the app and avoid many of the problems that prevail on Tinder. In places like Tinder, there is a prevalence of men, who cannot accept no for an answer, or are desperate, or are socially incompetent, or just have no idea. These men start conversations with grossly advanced propositions or stupid conversation sentences and make women reluctant to swipe their fingers all the way because they fear that the next thing in their inbox is a start which, if is rejected, will intensify in personal attacks or rudeness. By giving women the power to start the conversation, women have the power to set the expectation of the conversation from the start, whether that tone is seductive, sexy, cheeky or totally non-sexual.

When two people meet in Bumble, the woman has 24 hours to start a conversation. After this first message, the man has 24 hours to reply. If that doesn’t happen, the game will expire … or not?

Go Back vs Rematching

Note that there is a difference between rewinding and redoing.


Backtrack Bumble

Backtracking is about swiping your finger left over someone, but you want to swipe it right. At Tinder, you’re out of luck unless you subscribe to one of the premium service levels. In Bumble, however, you can usually go back.

Saving is simple: just shake the phone after realizing your error and the last scan to the left will be canceled. Note that you cannot go back just by swiping your finger to the right. Free subscribers get three Backtracks every three hours, which should be enough for everyone except the most qualified. Bumble Boost subscribers get unlimited Backtracks.



Revenge is different. In a rematch, a user can revitalize an expired link. Unfortunately, for this to work, the user who wants revenge must pay for the premium Bumble Boost service.

When you enter the transfers section, you will see expired transfers with your current transfers. Simply select the expired match and press “Rematch” and the match will be renewed for another 24 hour grace period.

If you don’t pay for Bumble Boost and you don’t intend to, make sure to use your free daily “extension”. The “extend” function allows you to extend the time with another person. If you expect someone to answer or start a conversation with you, this is the perfect tool, remember that free subscribers only receive one per day.

How to Get Bumble Boost

The downside to Bumble Boost is the cost: in comparison, the subscription can be quite expensive. Paid in advance, this service gives you the ability to see your “Beeline” (those who hit you directly), unlimited extensions, and more.

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For those who really want to find the perfect match and have more freedom in Bumble, here’s how they start their subscription:

  1. Open the Bumble app on your phone
  2. Tap the small profile icon at the bottom left of the screen
  3. Press “Boost” to update your membership
  4. Choose your plan and press “Continue”
  5. Enter your credit or debit card information and tap “Register Now” at the bottom of the screen.

Activate Boost

As you can see in the screenshot above, different price plans are available. If you missed a match with a perfect person, you can always choose the one-day payment option to get it back without spending too much money. Assuming you like the app, the lifetime bonus is only $119.99, which is really not bad at all.

Can I redo someone in BFF or Bizz mode?

If you missed a match with a potential friend of the same sex or a future colleague, you can use revenge to try to communicate with him again. The function and instructions are the same as above.

Why can’t I catch up with someone?

If no messages have been exchanged, you may not be able to reconnect to another user.

What can I do if I don’t want to pay for Bumble Boost?

There is a very interesting theory, given Bumble’s credit in a tweet, that you can uninstall and reinstall your Bumble app to refresh your battery. I hope this will bring the person you would like to match again. Try resetting your Bumble account to reconnect it with the other user.