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How To Start Chat In Bumble

If you’re new to Bumble, some things might seem confusing. You hit someone straight, and then they hit you. Then you get a notification that you have an exciting new match, right? But what are you supposed to do next?

It all depends on whether you are a woman or a man. Unlike other dating apps, Bumble has slightly different rules: only women can start a conversation. In this article, we will explain all about how to chat in Bumble.

Guide for women

If you are tired of receiving inappropriate messages in dating apps, Bumble is the safe place you have been looking! Only women have the First Hit privilege, which means only you can start a conversation after a match. So even if you’ve partnered with someone, you still have time to decide if you want to chat with them.

However, don’t wait too long as you only have 24 hours to start the conversation! After that, your first move privilege will expire and you will no longer be able to see the person you matched. This is one of Bumble’s strategies for encouraging you to meet someone, rather than interacting with several people every day and never chatting with them.

If you were really busy that day, there is a way to extend your party. You and the other person can extend the deadline and ask Bumble for an additional 24 hours. However, be careful as you can only extend one match per day. If you don’t send them a message within 24 hours, the game will be lost forever.

The best conversation starters

Many Bumble users complain that women just send them “Hello” or something and hope they keep the conversation going. As you know, communication is two-way and you both have to try a bit.

We suggest you consult his biography. You can find something of interest that will help you start the chat. Check out what interests you have in common and if you have a similar hobby. Also, pay attention to what you see in their photos.

If you have a dog, great! You can start the cat by saying your dog looks cute or by asking a dog question. If you’ve been to Paris, ask what it was like and what places would you recommend. The same goes if you play sports. Men love to talk about sports, and that could make a great icebreaker.

Additionally, Bumble has introduced conversation starters. When you open the chat, you can choose from many predefined questions, such as: What’s the best movie you’ve seen? They are perfect for women who are not used to taking the first step.

Guide for men

You have received a notification that you have new correspondence. Excellent! But what can you do now? Unfortunately, not much. As we said, only women can start the chat. Therefore, you have to wait for the other person to send you a message.

As you know, women have 24 hours to send them the first message. If you’ve teamed up with a girl you love and haven’t sent anything to each other yet, you can extend the deadline and give her an extra 24 hours. However, you can only do this once a day, so think twice about the cat to extend.

You might think that’s unfair, but let’s put it in context. Thanks to its innovative rules, Bumble is one of the most successful dating apps. And while you can’t start a conversation with every woman you love, think of it this way: you can only talk to girls who are genuinely interested in you.

Bumble believes that it’s better to have a quality conversation with one person than to strike up multiple conversations with women who may not be interested at all. In fact, this feature can save you a lot of time.

What can men do?

While it seems like women are responsible for everything at Bumble, that’s not entirely true. There are a lot of things you can do to improve your chances of meeting someone special.

Your bio is the first thing women see, so try to do your best. We don’t mean to say that you should go overboard and pretend you’re someone who isn’t. However, try to make it original and mention things you could use as a conversation starter: books, pets, travel, etc.

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Once, when a woman sends you a message, do your best to keep the conversation going. If she doesn’t talk a lot, she may be shy. But she took the first step, indicating that she wants to chat with you, only she might not know what to write. Now it’s your turn to help, be courteous, and ask additional questions.

BFF mode

A few years ago, Bumble introduced a BFF mode where you can meet people of the same sex. Now you may be wondering who has the privilege of the First Movement whether they are both women or men. In BFF mode both users can start a conversation which is great.

However, please note that the 24-hour limit also applies here. If neither of you sends a message within 24 hours of the match, the match will expire. Of course, you can use its daily extension feature to extend it for another 24 hours.


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