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Huawei Ban Retaliation? China Draws Up List of ‘Unreliable’ Foreign Companies

In an ominous, however, vague cautioning, China said Friday that it was drawing up a rundown of “questionable” foreign companies, organizations and individuals for focusing in what could flag striking retaliation for US sanctions on the Chinese tech powerhouse Huawei.

Huawei Ban

We figure it may be the start of Beijing’s attempt to reveal a retaliatory framework,” said Paul Triolo of the worldwide risk assessment firm Eurasia Group. “That could incorporate various different elements, for example, restrictions on rare earth shipments” — minerals that are pivotal in numerous mobile devices and electric cars made by US companies.

The move follows extra estimates this week that extend the bite of US sanctions imposed on Huawei in mid-May during an escalating exchange war, whose backdrop is the two forces’ struggle for long-term technological and economic dominance.

A few leading US-based worldwide technology standards-setting groups declared limitations on Huawei’s participation in their exercises under the US Commerce Department confinements, which bar the sale and exchange of US technology to Huawei without government approval.

Such groups are fundamental battlegrounds for industry players, who use them to attempt to impact the development of next-generation technologies in their favor. Barring Huawei would put the company at a genuine disadvantage against rivals outside China.

Additionally Friday, The Financial Times said the company had requested employees to drop technical meetings with Americans and sent home US workers working at its Chinese headquarters.

Huawei is the world’s No. 1 network equipment supplier and second-largest smartphone producer. US officials claim Huawei is lawfully beholden to China’s decision Communists, which could use the company’s items for cyberespionage, However, the US has presented no proof of intentional spying.

He said the making of China’s rundown is justified by national security concerns and Beijing’s restriction to trade protection and “unilateralism” — a feasible reference to the Trump administration’s go-it-alone way to deal with worldwide trade and security policy.

Numerous analysts consider the confinements a pressure tactic by Washington to empower a wholesale boycott by European allies on Huawei equipment in their 5G rollouts, which nations including Britain, France and Germany have resisted.

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The Financial Times, interim, quoted Huawei’s chief system architect, Dang Wenchuan, as saying that US residents working in research and development at the company’s Shenzhen headquarters were sent home two weeks prior.

It said a workshop in progress at Huawei at the time was “quickly disbanded, and American agents were asked to remove their workstations, separate their networks and leave the Huawei premises.”

The paper quoted Dang as saying that Huawei was additionally limiting interactions between its representatives and American citizens. Huawei declined to remark on the FT report.