iFixit Takes Down Galaxy Fold Teardown On Samsung’s Request

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the intriguing issue of the smartphone world at the present time, and with good circumstances. The phone was sent to reviewers in front of its open release just for most devices to endure display issues. The phone has now been postponed, and famous repair site iFixit has now expelled its own teardown of the phone, as well.


As it is wont to do, iFixit got its hand on a Galaxy Fold and after that took it apart, demonstrating to us its inner operations. However, after a solicitation by Samsung and a “partner,” that tear down has currently been removed from view.

After two days of exceptional public interest, iFixit has removed our teardown of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. That examination supported our doubts that the device gave insufficient security from debris damaging the screen.

We were given our Galaxy Fold unit by a trusted accomplice. Samsung has mentioned, through that partner, that iFixit expels its teardown. We are under no commitment to remove our analysis, legal or something else. Yet keeping in mind this partner, whom we consider a partner in making devices increasingly repairable, we are pulling back our story until we can buy a Galaxy Fold at retail.

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We can just surmise that the solicitation came because Samsung will roll out enormous changes to how the device will work internally, and as a result, it doesn’t want everybody gawping at what presently appears to have been an imperfect design from the very beginning. It’s likely Samsung wasn’t keen about the consideration the teardown was getting, and consequently asked for it to be removed.

Whatever the reason, it’s presently gone. We’ll have to sit back and see when the phone shows up online, or indeed anyplace. Yet we expect Samsung to be exceptionally extremely careful with that display next time around.