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iMessage To Get Unsend And “@“ Mentions Feature With iOS 14 Update

As indicated by new data that has spilled into the open area, Cupertino-based Apple Inc. is hoping to expand the capacities of its iMessage stage by testing new features inside.

If effective and approved, any new increases to the informing stage could be prepared for a September 2020 release nearby iOS/iPadOS 14.

Apple’s iMessage stage was proclaimed as an immense achievement when it was first propelled in 2011. In any case, in the time that has followed, various informing apps have ascended to worldwide prominence and have a significantly more full-grown arrangement of features. iMessage works amazingly well across iOS and macOS and numerous device types however it feels like it has stagnated as far as features and usefulness.

If the reports are precise, Apple is hoping to bring probably some equality with different stages by testing things like Slack-esque @ mentions that would permit an iMessage user to label another user in the discussion. Apps like Slack and WhatsApp as of now have this, making it incredibly simple to get the consideration of a solitary individual in a stuffed gathering discussion. This would likewise empower users to cripple notifications for a full gathering talk yet possibly observe things that are significant to them when they are labeled.


Like WhatsApp, iMessage could likewise before long permit a user to “withdraw” a message, or to coin the well known vernacular for this kind of thing; erase something they never again need the beneficiary to see. All gatherings in the discussion would be educated that something had been erased. Right now, it’s muddled if there would be time-sensitive confinement on this feature or if a user could erase anything they desired, at whatever point they needed, paying little heed to what extent it has been in the message string.

Moreover, iMessage is said to be going to profit by things like composing indicators in bunch visit circumstances to coordinate what’s as of now in the 1-2-1 messages, and having the option to check the last message in a string as new once it has just been opened.

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As is consistently the situation, this is especially a “how about we see what happens” sort of circumstance. On one hand, iMessage merits, and very, an update regarding features. It feels dated and behind the opposition. In any case, similarly, as with anything, there is no assurance if the features will come or, all the more significantly, when they will come.