Install GBA4iOS Emulator To Run GBA Games on iPhone

Install GBA4iOS Emulator To Run GBA Games on iPhone

There are many classic games with millions of classic fan following, like Super Mario, Pokemon and many more. It is very unfortunate that apple store does not support many of the all-time classic games. We don’t even have to option to use emulator for this and thus we are left with no option. So how can we play these super classic games if we are using I Phones. There should be some way and there must be some option to enjoy these games while keeping our I phone. GBA4iOS is the only salvation we need to play these games on our phones. Some say that its only applicable on iOS 12. But today we will tell you that you can use it on iOS 12, 11 and even 10.

GBA4iOS Emulator

So what is that thing called GBA4iOS? I think none of us have heard about that before? How can we use it play android games on our I Phones? The GBA stands for Game Boy Advance Emulator. It enables you to download and play android games on you I phones. Today we will share how to download, install GBA on your I Phone.

So first thing first we need to know that “is it secure”. Well using it after a long time I have noticed that this is much safer than I have ever thought. So for the newbies I should state some safety precautions as follows:

GBA is a very advance level of gaming emulator and let you play any game on your I phones.

We have tested this software for every tits and bits and so far we have not found any security issues. Bur still using it is entirely your own risk to take.

It can also allow you to play out dated game which are not playable on any I phone or I might say smart phone.

It illegal to download ROM’s as they are heavily protected by copyrights.

If you wish to use this emulator on your phone its entirely your own choice. If you face any kind of data loss or any other problem with your device its entirely up to you.

How to download any GBA game on your iPhone using GBA4iOS

How to install GBA4iOS

Step 1: Launch safari on your I Phone

Step 2: Tap on Apps

Step 3: Now scroll down until you see GBA4iOS 2.1

Step 4: Now Tap on “download page”

You need to scroll down until you see the icon GBA4iOS

Now you will see the different versions for your I phones. From I Phone 8 plus and onwards. So you have to choose the option according to your device.

Step 5: A popup will appear on your screen and will ask you to install the app. Now you have to Tap on the Install button and the installation process will start automatically.

Step 6: There will be some popups for random permissions, you will have to accept them all to proceed with the installation process.

Let it install, the speed will depend on the speed of your internet. It will install and the App will appear on your home screen.

Step 7: Now it will ask you to trust a 3rd party profile to run this application on your I Phone.

Open the Settings Menu >Tap General> Tap Profile and Device Manager

Now you have to trust a third-party app that is about to run on your device.

So if you have I Phone 8 Plus or earlier you should tap on the profile with the name Jain Xi Micro blog Technology Co. Ltd. Tap o Trust and confirm.

And if you are using I Phone X or any later version of I Phone you should tap on “SAE Magnetics Dongguan Limited” Now as before you must tap on trust and confirm.

This is how it’s done. Now you are ready to use it and its fully functional. Now you can download ROMS for your favorite games and enjoy them on your I phone. You can also visit google to find your desired ROM.

How to download any GBA game on your iPhone using GBA4iOS


Step 1: Now you have successfully downloaded and installed GBA4iOS its time to launch it.

Step 2: Now Tap the search icon on the upper right corner.

Step 3: Now you have to choose between the games for which you want to download the ROM’s. Some say that that GBA Rom are coming soon while you can still find them on the google.
Here we will demonstrate how to download the ROM for any game, like Pokemon or Super-Mario.

Step 4: So now you have chosen the ROM from the search bar, make sure you are downloading the correct version of it for your phone. Now Tap Download

Step 5: A popup will appear on your screen asking you to save the Rom.

Now its downloaded and its ready to play. This is how you download and play any GBA classic on your iPhone.

My Opinion

Personally this app is amazing and it helps you play your old time classic games on your I phone. There are no security issues as well and you can have a huge list of retro games that you can play on your iPhone.