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iOS 12.2 Beta 6 Code Suggests Apple AirPower Charger Releasing Very Soon

iOS 12.2 beta 6

AirPower has become a uniform for many of us nowadays but you need to keep this mind here. This may look like the AirPower might be right around the corner this time.

This is all because of the sixth iOS 12.2 beta show changes that recently got released and that could have AirPower launching soon.

The latest iOS 12.2 beta has made some changes to the code to handle identification of two devices that are charging on the same mat. If we consider AirPower that can charge three devices at a time and from this, we can suggest that Apple’s charger is finally getting close to the release.

Apple has promised to charge multiple devices with the AirPower and the charging status will going to be displayed on the iPhone’s screen. All this required plenty of software smarts, and you can feel those smarts in the latest iOS 12.2 beta release.

AirPower has gone into the production phase in late January, and this is all starting to sound pretty good though.

It seems like Apple is in roll as it has announced the new iPad mini and iPad Air tablets in this week followed by the refreshed iMacs and we are hearing some rumors about the new iPod touch as well, so we can see the AirPower finally this weekend if we follow the same case should we expect updated AirPods too?

All this is coming ahead to the  March 25th Apple media event where it is expected that Apple will unleash some new services and will make some new announcements and it all seems to happen right now.

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