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iOS 13 Features, Beta Release, Download Info And More: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

iOS 13

Are you excited about the opening of Apple iOS 13? Of course, you are! With WWDC around the corner, developers from all over the world will go to California not only to spend a week discussing problems with the Apple’s engineers but also to get the first look and practical experience of iOS 13. Around months ago, Apple used its World Developers Conference to reveal iOS 12 to the world.

As we know now, the iteration of iOS has focused mainly on improvements in stability and ease of use and did not really focus on important functions or some other additions. It may have fulfilled its purpose at that time, but device owners now demand a change and expect iOS 13 to deliver.

So, what do we need to know about iOS 13?

First of all, there is an awesome dark mode that many have talked about over the years. It is said that iOS 13 has a dark mode in the entire system that looks and works quite similar to the modification introduced with macOS Mojave. This should look glorious on all devices, but it will be especially important on OLED-based displays.

It is also said that Apple is bringing a series of new gestures to the table along with iOS 13, including a new Undo / Redo gesture that involves a three-finger action, as well as a set of new gestures designed to increase the overall productivity throughout the firmware.

iOS 13

Apple has given great importance to multitasking on iOS over the years and will continue with iOS 13 for those who are in possession of the iPad Pro. It also appears that the compatibility of the USB mouse will arrive on iPad Pro with the presentation of iOS 13, although in the function of accessibility. That being said, even if it is an accessibility feature, we can imagine most authentic “pro” users activating and using USB mouse support if offered.

new Animoji characters

Smaller but important and noticeable improvements include an extremely annoying and intrusive volume HUD renewal and enhanced Safari experience that should offer a better experience for almost all users, new Animoji characters and even an improved mail app. It is also expected that Apple will carefully analyze other applications of the system, including Files, Reminders and make significant improvements when it feels necessary.

What about when can we expect to see iOS 13? Well, the developers will have an initial preview during WWDC next month and will be able to download and install the beta release before the launch from that moment. The public can expect a release in September.

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