iOS 13 To Get New Animoji, Including A Cow, Octopus, Mouse, And Emoji Face

iOS 13 To Get New Animoji

It’s now that time of year where rumors of iOS are in full swing, and we’ve been hearing quite interesting tidbits about what we can expect when iOS 13 debuts during WWDC in June. However, we’ve heard something less game-changing, although likely of interest to plenty – we’ll get some new Animoji characters.

According to a very popular developer Steve Troughton-Smith, we can expect a slew of new and unique characters to debut alongside iOS 13, with a cow, mouse, octopus, and even an emoji face making an appearance.

Animoji and Face ID cameras in iPhones and iPads

If you are not familiar with Animoji? Animoji is animated emoji that uses the Face ID camera systems found in recent iPhones and iPad Pros to look at people and then have their facial expressions mixed with those characters. Like if you want to have a mouse that smiles when you do then this is going to be the update for you.

That said, it’s not going to be the biggest news of iOS 13, not by a long shot. We’ve been hearing plenty of news that should get iPhone and iPad users excited for the future, and if even a slight portion of it comes to fruition, we can clearly see that iOS 13 being very popular indeed. The addition of new Animoji is obviously welcome for those who like to take full advantage of this new feature, but for everyone else, there’s still more than enough that we can look forward to.

“It looks like iOS 13 might get some new Animoji: a cow, octopus, mouse, and an emoji face. That last one sounds like it has potential for shenanigans”

(Source: Steve Troughton-Smith [Twitter])

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