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Find and compare the best internet of things devices. Narrow your choices and explore the top consumer products and vendors for your connected home.

IoT devices

The internet of things is transforming every corner of life: the home, the office, city streets and beyond. IoT products give us greater control over door locks, lights, and appliances; streamline business processes; and better connect us to the people, systems and environments that shape our daily lives.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for the best products to start building your connected life, or a business leader looking to take your company to the next level—this is the place to begin. We’ve collected the best and most popular options the IoT has to offer, from smart home devices to enterprise platforms to the software and tools you need to build your own smart, connected products.

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The following channel guide will help you:

  • Discover popular types of connected products and projects in the IoT marketplace.
  • Filter based on product type, use, and market segment (smart home, enterprise etc.)
  • Find reviews and learn which devices will work with your Android or IOS devices or integrate with your existing smart home hub or IoT platform.

Consumer convenience

Many “entry-level” IoT products fit smoothly into the patterns of daily life by simplifying routine tasks. Finding your keys, unlocking your door, turning lights on and off—–these and other habits can be automated with the sensor and intelligent software. A truly smart home is full of products that know your preferences, anticipate your needs and respond dynamically to your behavior, so you can spend less time micromanaging your house and more time living in it.

Featured consumer convenience products

Looking for a quick solution in one of these product categories? Try our featured suggestions.

  • August smart lock pro 3rd generation


  • Ellipse by lattis


  • Tile


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