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iPhone 12 Launch Late By A Month Due To Production Delays

The bits of gossip about another iPhone 12 facing delays in the not so distant future have been whirling a considerable amount of late. To such an extent that you have to ponder whether there’s too much smoke to not be any fire here.

The Wall Street Journal is the latest to loan some weight to the gossipy tidbits, saying that the iPhone 12 has already observed mass production delayed by as much as a month.

The same report also says that Apple is cutting its iPhone arranges by as much as 20% for the finish of this current year, with orders instead of being driven into 2021.

The reason for this is all really self-evidentcoronavirus has hampered the usual release process that an iPhone would experience. Apple engineers haven’t had the option to travel to China as of late because of travel bans, keeping them from approving late prototype assembles. There is no uncertainty in different procedures and timescales that have been impacted due to the lack of gatherings and travel of late.

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Apple normally announces new iPhones in September, transporting seven days later. That now resembles it’s improbable with an October or November release likely to work out.

Apple has followed that pattern previously – both iPhone XR and iPhone X sent outside the usual September window. We’ll without a doubt hear increasingly about when to expect the iPhone 12 lineup as the days, weeks, and months move on.