iPhone 12 Pro Max Display is The Best Yet, says DisplayMate

DisplayMate today shared its gander at the iPhone 12 Pro Max and its Super Retina XDR Display. saying that it’s the best it’s tried yet. The display likewise got the “Best Smartphone Display Award.”

DisplayMate’s report says that the new display sets or equivalents upwards of 11 smartphone display execution records, including things like high difference proportion, shading exactness, and pinnacle splendor.

The full DisplayMate report is quite substantial perusing however the end result is pretty straightforward – the display that is inside the iPhone 12 Pro Max is probably more or less great no matter how you look at it, proposing anybody purchasing the device shouldn’t have any worries about the screen.


Not that we ought to be surprised – Apple’s iPhones have for some time been known for having probably the best displays in the business.

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With respect to possible improvements, DisplayMate’s report proposes we shouldn’t be searching for an expanded goal. In any event, not at the 6.7-inch screen size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a very high resolution 2.8K 2778×1284 pixel display with 458 pixels per inch (ppi) producing images that look perfectly sharp with normal 20/20 Vision under all normal viewing conditions, which always includes some ambient light that always lowers the visible image contrast and perceived image sharpness (Modulation Transfer MTF). Note that displays are almost never viewed in absolute darkness under perfect viewing conditions with ideal image content. Some clueless reviewers have been pining for 4K 3840×2160 Smartphones, which would require more than double the pixels, memory, and processing power of the 2778×1284 display on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but there would be no visual benefit for humans! As a result, it is absolutely pointless to further increase the display resolution and pixels per inch (ppi) for a marketing wild goose chase into the stratosphere, with no visual benefit for humans!