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How to Delete Apps From iPhone X / XS / XS Max

We may have more iPhone storage than we had, with new devices that have at least 64 GB of storage, but with more applications, more data and larger files than ever, you may find yourself quickly with a phone full of applications that you do not have They need more and are looking to get rid of. Therefore, whether you have an iPhone of 256 GB or even a 16 GB iPhone (sorry if you have it), we will show you how to get rid of those unwanted applications and clean up some space.

How to Delete Apps From iPhone X / XS / XS Max

This method is best for those who, coincidentally, examine their iPhone and manage to slip deep into strange and ancient lands full of applications that had forgotten that they were ever downloaded. If you have ever encountered an application and thought, “Why do I still have this?”, That’s how to get rid of it before you finish that thought.

Step 1: Press and hold the icon of the application you want to delete on your home screen. Hold your thumb or finger directly on the icon for about two seconds, until you cheer up and begin to shake. Newer iPhones (iPhone 6s and later) can respond to this gesture differently than what you might expect. The new touch screens are compatible with 3D Touch, which means they can tell the difference between you pressing the icon and pressing it very lightly. If you press too hard, you’ll open the Quick Actions menu for the application, which can be frustrating when it happens for the fifth time in a row. Remember to place your thumb or finger gently on the icon and wait for it to start moving.

Step 2: Wiggling applications will show a small “X” in the upper left corner of the icon. Touch that “X” to delete the application. Depending on the size of your phone, the “X” can be quite small, so this may require a delicate tapping job. When you reach the “X”, you will be reminded that deleting the application will also delete your data. Press Delete and it will disappear. In general, this will also eliminate any information the application has unless an online backup is made. Please note that this will not cancel any subscription or account you may have through an application (your HBO subscription will remain active without the application, for example).

How to Delete Apps From iPhone X / XS / XS Max

Do not these steps work for you? Go to the Settings icon (the gearbox), touch General and scroll down until you find Restrictions. Here you will see an option titled Remove applications. Make sure that this capability is enabled, that the slider is green. Now you should be able to return to the home screen, highlight an application and have the option to delete it.

Go through your old applications and delete them all.

Do you want to delete applications faster than just one at a time? There is a way to do that, too!

Step 1: Go to Settings and look for the General section towards the top of the list, and select it.

Step 2: In General, look for iPhone storage. The names used for these settings change slightly in different versions of iOS, but they should still be easy to find in Use or Storage and Backup or a similar name. If you still can not find it, you may want to update your phone. It is always a good idea to have the latest version of iOS anyway.

Step 3: This will show a list of all the applications you have currently downloaded. The selection of an application will take you to a screen that shows the amount of data used by the application and gives you a very clear option to Delete the application or Download the application. The choice of the download application will remove the application, but it will keep your documents and data. The icon will also remain on the home screen with a small icon next to the name that indicates that it must be downloaded again to access. Choose Remove application, then confirm. This allows you to quickly consult a list of your applications instead of scanning them icon by icon, which makes bulk removal much easier, especially when you can see exactly how much data an application uses.

How to hide Apple’s built-in applications

How to Delete Apps From iPhone X / XS / XS Max

Some iOS applications, known as integrated applications, are included in your iPhone from the beginning and are linked to the main services, such as Contacts, Mail, FaceTime and many more.

You can not delete those applications permanently, but you can hide them. Press and hold the icon until it trembles, and then press the “X”. This will remove the application as it will with all others, but the data and the capabilities of the application will remain on your iPhone (the removal of Contacts does not destroy all your contacts, etc.). You can always download these applications again through the App Store if you wish.

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