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iPhone SE 2020 Vs iPhone 8 Battery Life Comparison

Here’s iPhone SE 2020 Vs iPhone 8 battery life comparison that you may wanna know about before picking one of these up.

Following quite a while of gossipy tidbits, we now have the iPhone SE accessible for request. Those who had the option to get them pre-arranges before long had the option to get theirs as of now with progressively set to show up one week from now. Now that a few people have their own iPhone SE in their grasp we’re starting to find out increasingly more about it. Counting how its battery life holds up.

The iPhone SE is a comparable phone to the iPhone 8 in appearance, however, inside it’s closer to the iPhone 11 gratitude to the incorporation of the Apple A13 Bionic processor. So how do the two iPhones contrast when it accompanies battery life?

That is something that iApple Bytes needed to discover. What’s more, discover they did subsequent to dragging the two phones through hellfire using Geekbench.

In this video I will be comparing a side by side exhaustive Geekbench  Battery drain test with
an iPhone 8 with 100% battery health against a new iPhone SE 2020. Same iOS version
loaded, same backup, same settings.

With also estimated batteries everything truly boils down to how well that A13 processor handles power the board. Furthermore, as we found with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, it truly is generally excellent at it.

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The outcomes can be seen in the full video, yet the end result, all things considered, is that the iPhone SE proves to be the best by some edge. It bodes well and is simply one more motivation behind why you ought to go iPhone SE over a used iPhone 8 if that is a choice you’re confronted with.