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iPhone XI To Ship With 18W Fast Charging Adapter, Lightning To USB-C Cable

Later this year, it is expected that Apple will announce three new iPhones, assuming previous history and all the recent leaks and rumors are anything to go by. According to the latest report by Japanese blog Mac Otakara, those iPhones will likely ship with the fast 18W charging adapter and Lightning to USB-C charging cable that all the current iPad Pro models also ship with.

This rumor might sound familiar to you because it did the rounds last year, too. That obviously didn’t come to fruition, but for this time the chances are better considering the power adapter already exists and can be bought from Apple.

With 18W Fast Charging Adapter and Lightning To USB-C Cable

18W Fast Charging Adapter,

The rumor has the phones coming with Lightning to USB-C cables in the box, however, so don’t get too excited at the thought of the new iPhones having USB-C like the iPad Pro. If you want to buy the charger and cable right now, you would be expected to pay $48, so the thought of both items being thrown into the box of all shipping iPhones is one we like the sound of, although we are not sure about the bean counters at Apple Park would agree or not.

“The next iPhone series is expected to include the USB-C to Lightning cable and the USB-C 18W power adapter to support the Wireless PowerShare function”

Ultimately, the cost is the most important deciding factor here, and knowing how Apple won’t want to reduce the money it’s making on slowing iPhone sales, we are still not sure whether we believe the accuracy of this rumor or not.

We hope we’re wrong, but for the time now, we’ll suggest this is taken with a reasonable chunk of salt. Let’s hope that our skepticism is unfounded, and we finally get something that can charge iPhones more quickly coming right out of the box.

(Source: Mac Otakara [Google Translate])

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