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iPhone XR 2019 might borrow key camera feature of iPhone XS

Lately, the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max have been at the center of most of the leaks by Apple, but the company is also in the process of developing an iPhone XR successor which has become the subject of the latest report for today.

A telephoto camera as the iPhone XS series

iPhone XS series camera

Citing information provided by Chinese suppliers, it is claimed once again that the iPhone XR 2 will follow the footsteps of iPhone X and iPhone XS by adopting a dual-camera setup. Apparently, it is said that these new sensors will be borrowed from the flagship iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max in the hope to keep the cost down. This clearly means that the replacement of iPhone XR should benefit from a new telephoto camera in addition to the usual primary sensor.

Details about this information are yet to be confirmed, but there is no major upgrade that we can expect at this moment. This information would suggest that both sensors will offer resolutions of 12-megapixel and 2x optical zoom will be offered by the telephoto zoom lens.

Accompanying the extra camera on the rear should be considered as an upgraded selfie snapper that’ll also offer a 12-megapixel resolution, which is very significant from the 7-megapixel resolution that is offered by the selfie camera of iPhone XR.

Do we need to expect a square camera bump on the iPhone XR 2

square camera bump on the iPhone XR 2

As it is recently revealed by a number of renders that both iPhone XI models will adopt a new rear camera design that will center around a large square-shaped bump. However, the iPhone XR 2’s lack of a third sensor clearly specifies that it’ll most likely skip this design.

It is now believed the rear of the smartphone will instead resemble that of the iPhone XS line. Similar to the iPhone XI, although, it is expected that the iPhone XR 2 will use a single slab of glass that slightly curves upwards all around the vertical setup of the camera, thus it will remove the need for a separate metal ring.

While coming to the details of design similarities, there is another feature that the replacement of iPhone XR will probably copy from the iPhone XI is the redesigned mute button.

On the current-gen models, the company includes a switch that slides horizontally, but for the next-gen iPhones, this look is set to be replaced by an iPad-inspired vertical switch.

Reverse wireless charging and fast charger in the box, more

Similar to the original, the 2019 iPhone XR is expected to feature a 6.1-inch LCD display, but for this time it might be paired with a large 3,089mAh battery to provide a decent boost to battery life. Also, note that the current model features a 2,942mAh cell.

In addition to this, the previous reports also have suggested that Apple will ditch the 5W charging brick that is found inside its iPhone boxes in favor of an 18W USB-C fast charger. Don’t expect a USB Type-C port on the iPhone XR 2 itself. Apparently, Apple was testing the popular port on certain prototypes of iPhone, but it seems that the idea was scrapped quite early on and instead of that Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector is expected to back soon.

Coming to a more positive and notable thing for Apple users, it is expected that the coming 2019 iPhone lineup to benefit from reverse wireless charging. It is quite essential for the owners of the next-gen iPhones will be able to charge their Apple Watches and AirPods by placing them on top.

If history is anything to go by, the iPhone XR 2 will be announced at an event that is probably held early September alongside the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max prior to a release later on that month Pricing information is yet to confirm, but the three smartphones are expected to maintain their current price points for the time now – any additional price hikes could be disastrous for Apple’s slowing iPhone sales. This means that the iPhone XR 2 should cost $749, while the iPhone XI and XI Max will probably retail at $999 and $1,099.

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