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It Is Said That The Apple iPad Will Get A Long Missing Native Feature In iOS 13

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Unless you have an Apple iPad, and even if you do, you may not have realized that the tablet was shipped without a native calculator app. Obviously, such an important utility function is available when installing an app for the third-party calculator. But according to a tweet from @PineLeaks, a self-proclaimed “Apple leaker” on Twitter, iOS 13 could come with a native calculator feature for the iPad. The informant adds that Apple is not sure whether to include it in the new version of iOS, saying it’s “on the edge”. It also points out that it could be a floating window instead of an app. A Behance, a gentleman by the name of Álvaro Pabesio published a concept on how an iPad calculator could be with a floating window.

Apple iPad users are said to get more than just a calculator with iOS 13. The iPad home screen will receive a settings interface and a new configuration to perform more tasks. We will know much more about iOS 13 on Monday when the annual WWDC developer conference will begin. Earlier this year, another rumor suggested that iOS 13 will offer mouse and trackpad support for the iPad. This could be done via a Bluetooth connection and would be considered an accessibility feature. Furthermore, the new iOS build could also allow users to run apps at the same time in multiple windows. While Apple does not plan to replace the MacBook with the iPad, it has marketed the high-end iPad as a replacement for a laptop. It competes with Microsoft’s Surface Pro line that runs on Windows 10.

Apple Surprised Everyone With Strong iPad Revenue Growth During Its Second Fiscal Quarter

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As mentioned above, the next iOS compilation will have a native dark mode that can be activated from the Control Center. This will prevent users from having to look at a blinding white background at night or in a dark room. Dark mode reverses the use of black text on a white background on white text on a black background. Google has added a dark mode to many of its apps and plans to introduce an entire system configuration with the final version of Android Q. While the new features of iOS 13 will be announced on Monday at WWDC, the new version of Apple Mobile operating system will not be released until September.

While the tablet market has suffered in recent years, Apple has been able to maintain first place since the creation of the category was credited in 2010. But while the iPad had problems along with the rest of the tablet during the second 2019 fiscal quarter of the company (which covered from January to March), the device generated revenues of $4.87 billion. This was a surprising 22% year-over-year gain; Wall Street expected the iPad line to generate sales of $4.21 billion over the period. Growth began with the March launch of the new iPad Air (2019) and iPad mini (2019). Both tablets have the Apple A12 Bionic chipset (yes, the same one found in the iPhone 2018 models) and are compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil. And the new iPhone Air has a 10.5-inch screen larger than the 9.7-inch screen in previous versions of the device.

The tablet market is suffering because the phone screens are getting bigger. Keep in mind that when the first 9.7-inch iPad was launched in 2010, the iPhone had a 3.5-inch screen. Now, the iPhone XS Max has a 6.4-inch screen. And with the arrival of folding phones (if the Samsung Galaxy Fold is launched), a phone can be equipped with a screen the size of a tablet which can be accessed in seconds.

There are not many consumers ready to upgrade to a new tablet every two or three years. And that’s why iPad owners are eager to see what new features in iOS 13 have in store for them.

(Via: @PineLeaks, Álvaro Pabesio-Behance)

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