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Its Official, Google Is Done Making Its Own Tablets

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Yes, Pixel Slate is the latest tablet from Google. Recently, the news was confirmed by Rick Osterloh, the head of the company’s hardware. He said that Google will continue to support its partners who decide to launch new tablets in the future.

Instead, Google is determined to venture into the laptop business, as Osterloh noted. News of Google’s fall from the tablet arm broke down just hours before Google’s senior vice president of devices and services were forced to present and clarify the whole situation.

Google’s Hardware Team Will Be Solely Focused On Building Laptops

The ComputerWorld report states that Google had decided to abandon two Android tablet projects recently, even though they were not as advanced in the development process. While it is true that Google has abandoned plans for a sequel to Pixel Slate, it seems that the company is determined to continue providing support for its latest tablet for quite some time (2024), as it is used by many consumers, corporate clients and education.

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The two tablets at work at Google were smaller than the current Pixel Slate, but the company was not satisfied with the results of the quality control tests and decided to disconnect the projects. Both slates had to be released by the end of 2019, but the people who worked on the project were informed Wednesday that these devices will never see the light of day.

Apparently, Google felt that the tablets weren’t too big of an upgrade compared with Pixel Slate, a tablet with Chrome operating system, which was met with a lukewarm reception by the media and consumers due to software problems. It is likely to be one of the reasons for Google’s recent decision to focus on Chrome OS hardware, such as laptops, rather than trying to optimize tablet software. Google probably hoped to compete with the iPad family shortly after the launch of the pixel Slate, but the decision to shelve its business tablet tells us that the company is not yet ready to face Apple in this sector.

On the positive side, a Google spokesman confirmed that a PixelBook 2 is completely on the cards, and we should wait until we reach the end of 2019. Of course, these plans can change on the fly, but at least it’s a clue. That Google considers replacing abandoned tablets with something.

Google’s statement is more a guarantee that those who already own Pixel Slate will continue to receive assistance in the future. It is also an important signal for Google partners that the search giant will support any tablet project, despite the fact that the Mountain View company has decided to shift the focus to laptops. Unfortunately, the fact that Google is the first to abandon Chrome OS tablets does not inspire confidence at all, so it will not be surprising to see that some of your partners leave the ship.

(Via: ComputerWorld)

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