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Make the LED Flash When an iPhone Is Ringing [ Guide]

iPhone does not include any dedicated notification light feature. However, it has the accessibility feature for the deaf people and hearing impaired to provide a cue for incoming notifications with the help of LED flash. To the visual vibration, this is one more addition that is being already provided by the system. Once you enable this feature you will then need to leave your phone’s screen down and within sight to not hear notifications come in.

Make the LED Flash When an iPhone Is Ringing [ Guide]

By setting up this feature you will not miss any important call and will answer your phone quickly.

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Make the LED Flash When an iPhone Is Ringing [ Guide]

How to enable visual notifications on your iPhone using the LED flashStep 1: Go to Settings and tap on General.

Step 2: Tap on Accessibility and then click on LED Flash for Alerts and toggle it to ON.

If you want to disable this feature just repeat the step and toggle it to OFF.

Enable LED Flash for Silent mode

If you want to activate the LED flash automatically and for that, you just need to follow some steps.

Step 1: Go to Settings, Tap on General then tap Accessibility.

Step 2: Tap on LED Flash for Alerts then tap on Flash on Silent.flash on alertsYou are done. Now you will always receive notification whenever your phone is set to silent.

Compatible iPhone models

LED Flash alert feature is available on some devices of iPhone such as iPhone 4, 4S and 5.

That’s it. A simple guide to help you enable the LED flash when your iPhone is ringing. Please let us know in comment section if there is any query. We would love to help you out.

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