Mizuho Analysts Says, The 2019 iPhones Will ‘Lack Novelty’ Features

In a year where Google and Samsung seem to game up in almost every department. Reportedly, Apple is planning a number of upgrades for its next-gen iPhones. And for this reason, some analysts believe that the next-gen iPhones will be quite boring.

Minor Upgrades in iPhone 11


Mizuho stated it is expected that the 2019 iPhones “to lack novelty” due to the minor upgrades that are planned. As a result, the analysts expect Apple’s smartphone business to struggle for about two years straight away which would be a rare occurrence for the company.

If we incorporate some previous reports, Mizuho stated that there will be two OLED iPhones and an LCD variant. The panels will boast the same specs seen on the 2018 displays but for this time around Apple is planning to ditch the Force Touch system completely. When the same comes to suppliers, the investor notes points towards Japan Display the main source of the LCD panel for iPhone 11R followed by LG Display. It is expected that Samsung to be the only source standard iPhone 11’s OLED display and should share orders with LG for the larger iPhone 11 Max.

Despite all the initial rumors, the overall look, design and the size of the notch are expected to remain the same. However, it is possible the handset will feature a slightly narrower bezel, although the change is so minor that it could be almost unnoticeable.

Internally, it is expected that the flagship devices to carry Apple’s next-gen A13 chip. Mizuho expects “minor changes only” over the A12 Bionic that is inside the iPhone XS. The not so surprising thing here is; 5G support, that isn’t expected either.

Analysts are still excited about the cameras

iphone 11 camera

The only major change Mizuho expects is an improved rear camera in the form of a new triple-sensor setup on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. Mizuho still has high hopes for the layout, more specifically the new super-wide-angle lens, but it seems it’s still difficult to predict whether the camera upgrade is on the right path for Apple to gather the interest of consumers. After all, Huawei, Samsung, and other peers have already launched devices equipped with triple cameras.

If reports are correct, the main and telephoto cameras on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will sport a resolution of 12-megapixel and it also includes optical image stabilization. The additional wide-angle lens on these models should feature the same resolution but they will ditch the optical image stabilization feature.

It is said that Apple is preparing an improvement to the Portrait Mode of iPhone through the upgraded hardware. Regardless of the cheaper iPhone 11R, Mizuho mentions the presence of the same main and telephoto cameras on the premium models.

Accompanying the upgrades in rear camera should be an all-new 12-megapixel selfie snapper that’ll replace the 7-megapixel sensor on the existing devices. Reportedly, this will be covered in a special black coating to conceal the sensor and make the notch look in a more uniform manner. The same coating might make its way over to the rear cameras.

It is rumored that Apple is working on rear-facing 3D sensors for its next-gen iPhones. However, after considering the component features, costs, production capacity, and energy-saving ability, it ultimately scrapped the idea for the time now. However, Mizuho points out that they could create new business opportunities in the future.

(Via: appleinsider)

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