7 Best Mobile Phone Unlocking Software to Unlock Your Phone for Free

Are you waiting for the new Samsung launch or love the new iPhone? When you buy a new smartphone, it is generally available on a contract provider. Unfortunately, you are locked to their network until your contract expires and cannot use any other carrier. Just because of this you locked your carrier for as many as two years once you buy the new phone.

The IMEI number plays a vital role. It is linked to your phone with the SIM and you can’t unlock it easily. Users face a number of difficulties and problems as they cannot switch over to other carriers.  They have to pay high roaming charges and cannot use the phone as per their wish.

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You can find a number of free phone unlocking software on the internet, but not all of them works well. So we bring the best solution that is guaranteed to work.

Download the 7 Best Mobile Phone Unlocking Software

Best Mobile Phone Unlocking Software to Unlock Your Phone for Free

Many applications use your IMEI number to generate a code to unlock your phone for free. They use a different technique, but the concept is the same.

1. doctorSIM


doctorSIM gives you the opportunity to unlock your phone. At first, you fill up a request form on their website and choose the brand of your mobile, model number, location, and current network carrier.

After that they received the request form and payment, they will send you an email with detailed set-by-step instructions to unlock your Android phone. If you have any problem or difficulty with the process, the customer care is always available on chat, telephone, and social media.

This brilliant software removes the restrictions of your network carrier permanently and you will never have to repeat the process. You can update your phone easily and use it with any network across the world.

This software also provides a huge discount when you have more than 5 phones to unlock. They also deal with blacklisted phones though it doesn’t remove it from the blacklist.

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2. UnlockBase


UnlockBase is among the best phone unlocking software. Its process is very simple and easy. The solution is available in the market since 2004 and unlocked over 5 million phones in different countries.

You have to send the IMEI number of your phone and select the model and manufacturer of your mobile. The claims that they have the best turnaround time in the industry and sends in your code as soon as possible. You need to follow the instructions and enter the code to remove restrictions from your phone. “UnlockBase is among the best phone unlocking software.”

This mobile unlocking software available at the lowest price on the internet. In case if you find any other cheaper tools, the company is ready to deal with their prices. You can also get any help you need from the 24/7 from customer service.

3. Unlock My Phone – TheUnlockr

Unlock My Phone – TheUnlockr

The Unlockr is another best software and has partnered with Unlock My Phone to bring you the IMEI unlock service. The method works for both Android and iPhones and it supports over 15,395 mobile phones around the world. Over 141,201 satisfied customers who used the cell phone unlocking software successfully to gain freedom.

Just like other phone unlocking services, you need to choose your model and send your IMEI number. And then you can make the payment using a number of payment methods such as Paypal, Western Union, cryptocurrencies, debit and credit cards.

The website also provides a tracker option to track your order in case there is a delay in receiving your code. You can also insert different SIM cards without any problem.

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4. Unlockunit


The important thing in this software is this it unlocks GSM phones as quickly as in 1 minute! You can unlock your phone over 200 countries like USA, Australia, Europe, and Asia. The company unlocked over 1 million phones.

You can also use the technique for different providers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Vodafone, Rogers, and many others. This application needs your IMEI number which you can access by dialing *#06# on your phone. You have to make the payment and also provide other details of your mobile and location.

You can also unlock your phone using unlock tool, at first you insert an unregistered SIM. Then just provide the unlock code using your email id to unlock your phone permanently.

The service comes with a friendly team of representatives who are always ready to help you and answer your queries.

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5. CellUnlocker.Net


It is not a free phone unlocking software, but you can easily look up for your code for free! You can sure of competitive pricing and even get discounts on your order.

This tool unlocks your phone using the IMEI number. Some models of phones require extra time, so you may need to wait.

You can also use this software to unlock Android phones on GSM networks. Once it is unlocked, you can use it on most of the GSM networks all around the world. You can also change many SIMs whenever you want, without ever needing a password or code

6. FreeUnlocks


It is another best software to unlock your phone. FreeUnlocks is a paid phone unlocking service, but you can avail it completely for free using TrialPay.

You need to provide your mobile and carrier details along with your IMEI number to unlock it. After that, you will get the unlock code and simple instructions by email.

The solution was introduced in 2009 and many phones are unlocked. You don’t have to download anything, so there is no worries virus. It is a legal process without any threat and it can’t harm your phone.

You can also unlock different brands of mobiles like Sony, Apple, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia and Huawei. If the service is not able to unlock your phone then you will be refunded.

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7. DC-unlocker


DC-unlocker is a versatile phone unlock software. This software works for modems and routers. You have to download DC-unlocker client on your computer for free. The tool doesn’t require your IMEI number as compared to other applications.

It provides a user-friendly interface. You can also use a standard USB cable to connect your device to your computer and perform the unlocking process. This software automatically detects your device.


This software can save your money and enabling you to use local SIMs to avoid hefty service charges. You can also increase the value of your phone and get a better price when you sell it. This is a legal process and you can easily unlock your mobile very efficiently and quickly. So try to choose the best solution.


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