How To Monitor Time Spent On Facebook

You already know that you’re probably spending too much time on Facebook or Instagram, but if you’re curious about what part of the day the platforms consume, a new tool can help you find out. However, you may not like the answer.

Facebook (FB) was planning a new feature, called “Your time on Facebook”, which will let you know how much time you spend posting messages, watching videos and discussing policies on the platform. The feature is slowly added to most user options and full deployment is expected in the coming weeks.

The function, at least initially, focuses exclusively on mobile users and does not seem to be available for users who access Facebook or Instagram via a desktop or laptop computer.

If you find that Facebook is consuming too much of your free time, the social network also offers tools to help you stop using it, including warnings when more than a certain period of time has passed in each application and daily reminders of how much. Time spent browsing the day before.

Social network apps have become a kind of addiction. Excessive use of social networks is not good and, if you have an iOS device, you can limit it with screen time. That being said, not everyone uses an iPhone, so it’s useful if social media apps have a way to limit the time you spend on them. Instagram has recently added a feature that can track and limit your activity on Instagram. Facebook has followed the example and you can check the time you spend on Facebook through its mobile apps.

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How To Monitor Time Spent On Facebook


A new feature that has been added to Facebook apps, but should already be available to all users. Although it does not seem to have been added to the web version, it is difficult to say whether the time spent on the web version of Facebook will also be taken into account.

  1. To check the time spent on Facebook, open the Facebook app and go to the hamburger tab.
  2. Scroll down and tap Settings & privacy.
  3. When the option expands, you will see the “Your Time on Facebook” option. Tap on it.
  4. On Your time on Facebook screen, you’ll see how much time you’ve spent using the app.

You can limit the amount of time you spend on Facebook by tapping the “Set daily reminder” option on the Your Time on Facebook screen. Select how much time you want to dedicate to Facebook and tap on Set Reminder.

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If you used the same function implemented by Instagram, you know that the reminder will not block you from Facebook. It will tell you that the time you have set for yourself has expired, but you can easily discard it and continue using the app.

If you use Facebook apps on different iOS devices (or even Android), your business should be synchronized with at least all apps. I haven’t been able to prove it, but that’s how it should work.

It goes without saying that a time limit imposed by the operating system is better because it can limit the user when too many apps are used. Facebook and Instagram apps could block a user if they use it too much, but the function is more control than a restriction. Screen Time is better if you want to control the use of social networks, but it’s just a feature of iOS and Android needs something similar.

It is not a perfect system. The app tracks usage per device, so if you register on multiple devices a day, it will be harder to keep track of how much you’re using one of the two tools. However, the company expects this to be a way to keep users who might otherwise cancel their accounts for fear of spending too much time scrolling through the feeds.


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